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September Newsletter

Utilizing Your Realty Management Associates Portal

By Athena Savoglou

At Realty Management Associates, our client owners’ satisfaction is our top priority.  We have noticed that we are frequently receiving the same questions from our clients, that pertain to their properties and their financial status.  That is why we want to take this opportunity to explain the features and functionality of our client portal.  We have implemented the portal as a tool for you to stay updated at all times and have all of your property information at your fingertips.

What Purpose Does Your Portal Serve?

Your portal holds all pertinent information about your property.  On it, you will find:

  • Your monthly owner statements:
  • Details on income and expenses for the month
  • A line item that is the amount that has been disbursed to you in the current month
  • Minimum balance and contingency balance
  • Vendor Invoices
  • Profit and Loss statements dating back to April 2015

Basically, your portal provides you 24/7 access to important income tax information, and the flow of money coming from your property. 

Accessing Your Portal

You may access your portal at any time by going to our website,, and selecting the “Owner Login” feature. When we first set up your account you were notified of how to login and create your client account on the portal.

Portal Issues

For any portal-related issues, such as logging in, navigating, etc., please contact Karen Hill at (208) 514-4864 or

We hope this helps and that you take advantage of the benefits the RMA portal has to offer!

Maintenance Updates

(The maintenance updates only apply to those of you who have pre-ordered these preventative maintenance services. If you didn’t opt in for a service you read about in this newsletter, and would like to schedule a service, just email to let him know.)

 The following services were completed in August:

  • Crawl Space/Attic/Roof inspections

Due to tenants not responding to vendor requests for access, there are still a few properties waiting for the following services:

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Hot Water Heater Service

Fall yard clean up and fall lawn treatment will be scheduled for the first part of October.  Sprinkler blow outs will commence in October. Gutter clean outs will be scheduled once we are closer to Fall and can estimate when the leaves will have mostly fallen.  If you want your property added to our list for any of the Fall services, please email Spencer as soon as possible.

Accounting Updates

 Vendor billings for pre-elected optional maintenance items received prior to closing our books on the 25th will appear in your September statement.

There are no special accounting items this month.

If you have been locked out from access to your client portal, please contact  Karen can also assist you with any questions you may have about your statement.

Tenant Update

This month’s tenant newsletter also features the importance of owning renters insurance to protect a tenant from costs and liability associated with accidents, weather, and any damage to their property and belongings.

To encourage tenants to read our newsletter so that they keep informed of reminders and general maintenance updates, RMA has incorporated a puzzle into the newsletter for which a prize will be awarded each month.  We have seen an amazingly successful 30% increase in readership! This month, we feature another crossword puzzle, the clues for which are buried in our Reminders sections as well as the feature article.

Check out our tenant newsletter this month: 2019 September Tenant Newsletter 

What Are You Interested In?

This newsletter is intended as a resource and communication platform for you. If there is a topic, relevant to the management of your investment property, that you would like me to write on, please let me know!

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