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January 2018 Carpet Damage-What is Your Tenant's Liability?
December 2017 ‘Tis the Season to Be Grateful & Giving.
November 2017 Are Current Rents a Seasonal Adjustment or Indicating a Trend?
October 2017 What You Should Know about Your Landlord Protection Policy
September 2017 Boise Existing Home Inventories are low and Sales Remain Strong.
August 2017 Mid Year Housing Summit Explores Findings from BSU Survey
July 2017 HUD Demands a New Approach to Consideration of Criminal History
June 2017 Eviction – What’s Involved?
May 2017 Rent Pricing Philosophy>
April 2017 Landlord Rights and Service Animals
March 2017 5 Top Tips for Painting Rentals
February 2017 Moisture and Mold
January 2017 Benefits of Carpet in Rentals
December 2016 Light Bulbs. CFL Vs. Halogen Vs. LED
November 2016 Tenant Rental Policies (needs updating)
October 2016 Is Short-Term A Viable Consideration
September 2016 Inspect Before Listing Your Investment for Sale
August 2016 Record Low Interest Rates Offer Options
July 2016 Boise Valley Economic Growth forecast
June 2016 Does Your HOA Know Whom to Contact?
May 2016 Raising Rents Vs. Vacancies and Turnover Costs
April 2016 Fair Housing Overview
March 2016 Rental Curb Appeal
February 2016 Top Ten Rental Features that attract best Tenants
January 2016
December 2015 1031 Exchange
October 2015
September 2015
August 2015
July 2015

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