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October Newsletter

Transportation: Moving People and Moving Traffic as Our Community Grows

By Athena Savoglou

As we all know, Boise is the place to be.  Our city and the whole treasure valley are experiencing major growth in population, economy, and real estate development.  With an increase in jobs and people in the city, comes a greater need to accommodate a larger scale of commuting and transportation. As Boise’s Transportation Action Plan (TAP) states, 

“As the population in the metropolitan region continues to grow, so does the pressure on Boise’s transportation system. . . [and] jobs are growing faster than population.  This places higher loads on transportation infrastructure, and the need to accommodate more people commuting into the city.”

The TAP’s aim is to find alternatives to road construction while acknowledging the increased need for transportation.  One plan being discussed by the powers at be, as reported by BoiseDev, involved State St., a major treasure valley corridor connecting Boise, Garden City, Meridian via Eagle, and further west to Star and Middleton.  One potential outcome is a “high-frequency bus route,” with added buses, routes, and stations along the way.  This push is for people to start thinking of other ways to commute, which would be more personally efficient, as well as taking pressure off car traffic on the roadways.

Despite the push for more alternative types of transportation, the city planners are still planning major expansion on some of the region’s major corridors.  A prominent plan aims to widen Chinden Boulevard west of Boise.   The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) “plans to start and complete road construction on almost all of Chinden Boulevard from Eagle Road to Highway 16 in 2020, leaving a 1-mile gap from Meridian Road to Locust Grove Road to be completed in 2021.”  This will expand the highway from two to four lanes, allowing double the traffic to pass once completed.  These changes will be funded in part by the state, and by developers who will be compensated over time via sales tax.

Whether through encouragement of alternative transportation, or directly expanding automotive routes, city planners are endeavoring to minimize growing pains of our expanding economy and population.  However, the push for wider roads and other modes of transport signal that the growth we are seeing isn’t stopping anytime soon.  Buckle up Boise!


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