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October 2018

October is the month for leaves! Get out your rake and prepare yourself for crisp Autumn days raking the yard.

This month’s business feature will re-visit Tasso Sandwich Shop. These sandwiches are so good, they are adicting! AJ Black can attest to that. So if you haven’t already claimed your free beer with the purchase of a sandwich, get on down to BoDo and enjoy!

Important Reminders

1)Sprinkler turn-off and blow-out will start this month. With over 300 properties, it takes our vender up to 6-weeks to complete. Please switch your sprinkler control box to off, or unplug by November 1st.

2)October will also be the month for Fall Yard Cleanup. For those properties whose owners requested this service, your lawn will receive fertilization, and an anti-weed application. Overgrown trees and large shrubs will receive a trim.

3)We are almost finished with weeding season! The grass will probably need a couple more mows and then it will be time to prepare for winter.

4)The leaves are already starting to fall, so get your rake out and be prepared for a weekly rake-up until the snow flies! Stock up from your local hardware store or grocery store with leaf recycle bags. Look for a notice from your trash collection agency for leaf pickup dates. If you are located in the City of Boise, and participating in the compost program, put what you can into your compost cart first. Compost/leaf pickup is weekly on your trash pickup day in Boise. If you are not participating in the compost program no paper bags will be collected. So call 208-608-7460 to sign up so that you can take advantage of unlimited year-round collection.

5)By mid to end of October it will probably be time to cut back the perennials. Many perennial plants benefit from cutting to the ground. A generous topping of mulch will keep them toasty in winter and help feed new spring growth. Pick up some free compost from the Boise City compost program if you live in Boise.

6)Remember, it is your responsibility to prune small shrubs. The end of October is a good time to take care of that as shrubs enter their winter dormancy.

7) If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace that you used last winter, get the chimney inspected and cleaned before the onset of winter. Check with our office, your landlord may be willing to pay for this.

8) Worried about your heating bills this winter? Is your HVAC system blowing dust and seem sluggish? Let your property manager know and we’ll check our records. If it’s been a while since the last service, we’ll contact the owner of your property to suggest a technician inspect it. Remember, it’s your responsibility to change the filters. Clean filters will help the performance of your HVAC system, reduce allergens in the air, and help reduce your heating costs too. Some furnaces have reusable filters. If you are lucky enough to have these, they just need to be rinsed with water and allowed to dry before replacing.

Roommates – Not Just For Students Any More!

As building costs escalate, property values increase and so do rents. Across the nation the average cost of renting a two-bedroom apartment can range anywhere from almost $900 a month to more than $5,000 a month. Most young people or students can rarely afford to live alone. Now young professionals are also experiencing increasing difficulty in finding accommodation that meets their standards, while remaining affordable for their pay scale. These young professionals often prefer to live in a quality home in a nice neighborhood even though it means sharing that home with roommates. They have moved on from their college dorm days, and want to live in a home that reflects their personal accomplishments in their advancing career.

Boise is considered to be one of the most affordable cities in the country to live. But even as affordable as Boise may be, the average 1-bedroom apartment costs $700 and a 2-bedroom older cottage can set the tenant back by over a thousand, and there are still utilities to be paid. This leaves little option for many renters other than to share a home with roommates. This solution, while pragmatic can be fraught with potential pitfalls.

Professionally managed rentals will require all tenants of a household to have joint and several liability for the terms of the lease. This means that if a roommate moves out, the remaining roommate(s) will be responsible for covering all expenses for the home, and new roommate will be required to go through the application process with the property manager to make sure they meet rental criteria. Apart from the financial exposure, there are many other considerations in choosing a roommate. It can be difficult enough living with someone you love, but finding a compatible roommate takes serious consideration. Following are some prudent points to consider:

  • Do they have a reliable source of income?
  • Are they fiscally responsible? If they are late with rent, late fees may be applied that you will be responsible for if your roommate doesn’t pay them.
  • Do they have pets? (Some rentals do not allow pets and those that do will require a pet deposit)
  • Are they able to meet the property manager’s rental criteria, and willing to abide by the terms of the contract?
  • Are their lifestyle choices compatible with yours?
  • How do you plan to split up the home responsibilities like cleaning and yard work, and will they be diligent about getting chores done in an acceptable timeline?
  • How do you divide fridge space and kitchen storage space?
  • If you are sharing a bathroom, how do you divide space for toiletries, and divide time in the bathroom at crunch times, like getting to work or class on time?
  • If you have an in-house laundry facility, do you assign laundry days?
  • Do you have house rules about guests?

Qualifying for a rental can be more challenging for house-shares and the upfront cost of renting with roommates is also higher than for a family. Each roommate individually must fully qualify based on credit criteria applied to a single or family application. And additional move-in funds equal to one month’s rent is required for all roommate leases. On the surface it somehow doesn’t seem fair that additional financial demands should be placed on the very segment of society that is forced into house sharing because of financial hardships. But on closer inspection, you will find there is sound reasoning behind these policies. Roommate leases are often more volatile. They have a greater exposure to rent defaults, damage, and turnover.

Tasso – A Place to Gather, Share a Delicious, Easy Meal and Tasty Beverage.

by AJ Black

Not your average sandwich shop, new Boise lunch hotspot Tasso, is serving up fresh flavors to the Downtown area. Located in Bodo on the corner of 8th and Broad– Tasso maintains a casual, yet refined feel. Owner Dan Carruthers can be found cheerfully greeting customers through the kitchen window as he busily works his sandwich magic.

He and his partner Hannah take pride in only creating from the finest materials. All ingredients are as fresh as they come, and are used in innovative, globally inspired recipes that yield a menu bursting with unique and exciting flavors. Named for a style of spicy cured pork, this is a place that knows their meat. All of the curing, aging, and smoking is done in-house. But not to fear veggie-fiends! There are plenty of non-meat options that look just as enticing as their protein-packed counterparts.

Tasso has a rotating selection of craft beers on tap, and if that seems like the ideal sandwich accompaniment– wait till you try the popcorn, and no it’s not like the kind you get at the movies. I believe I heard whispers of a curry flavor when I dropped by last week... I will be visiting again very soon.

“Tasso was created as a place to gather and share a delicious, easy meal and a tasty beverage. See you there!” -Hannah Carruthers

Tasso is generously offering our tenants a free beer (and a refill!) with the purchase of any sandwich. Offer is ongoing, can only be redeemed once per person. Go to our Tenant Resources page to copy/paste and print the coupon. Enjoy!

401 S 8th St., Boise

Don’t Miss Out!

Remember to go to the Tenant Resources page to redeem other others. Tasso’s offer is ongoing. Kona Grill is offering a free appetizer with the purchase of an entrée. And Smoky Mountain Pizzeria Grill will serve you a complimentary order of their awesome Brie Kisses!

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