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It’s been so warm until just recently, we have been lulled into delayed sence of the reality of winter being just around the corner. Please be sure to read the reminders, there are important items that may require your action.

This month’s business feature intoduces you to The Nook. Classic as well as creatively crafted cocktails await you in a cozy neighborhood bar in the heart of Downtown Boise. Enjoy their 2-for-1 offer through the end of November.

Important Reminders

1)Sprinkler turn-off and blow-out is well underway. With over 300 properties, it takes our vender up to 6-weeks to complete. Please remember, (if you haven’t done so already), to switch your sprinkler control box to off, or unplug when you receive this newsletter. If you have a hose based watering system, or any hose connected to a water supply, please be sure to read item 7.
2) Fall Yard Cleanup will be continuing into November. For those properties whose owners requested this service, your lawn will receive fertilization, and an anti-weed application. Overgrown trees and large shrubs will receive a trim. Our office will be reaching out to tenants whose properties apply. Remember, trimming shrubs and trees up to 8’ is a tenants responsibility. If you haven’t taken care of that already, please put it on your asap list. Hydrangeas prefer to be pruned in the spring.
3) ) It’s been so warm recently you may still have beautiful blooming perennials. But not for long. With the first hard frost, those plants should be cut to the ground to allow for unencumbered growth in the spring. A generous topping of mulch will keep them toasty in winter and help feed new spring growth. Pick up some free compost from the Boise City compost program if you live in Boise.
4)The leaves are falling in earnest now. Those of you who live in mature neighborhoods may have large trees that are dropping copious leaves. Raking is most likely an every weekend task until all the leaves have fallen. Stock up from your local hardware store or grocery store with leaf recycle bags. Look for a notice from your trash collection agency for leaf pickup dates. If you are located in the City of Boise, and participating in the compost program, put what you can into your compost cart first. Compost/leaf pickup is weekly on your trash pickup day in Boise. If you are not participating in the compost program no paper bags will be collected. So call 208-608-7460 to sign up so that you can take advantage of unlimited year-round collection.
5) Your gutters may be filling up with leaves. Timing on gutter cleanout is always tricky. Finding that perfect week between the last leaf fall and the first hard freeze can sometimes be a challenge! If you are noticing your gutters overflowing when it rains, or sagging from weight, or growing plants, those are a few of many signs that your gutters need to be cleaned out. If you witness any of these tell-tale signs, please take a photo of the evidence and submit it to us through the property meld system so that we can issue a work order.
6) Hard freezes can’t be far away. Please be SURE your hose has been detached from the hose bibb, (exterior spigot), and the hose bibb is wrapped in insulating material. When a hose is left attached to the bibb, remaining water in the hose can freeze and expand into the bibb and the water supply pipe potentially causing a crack, which can lead to water leakage and serious property damage. If this were to occur, it would be your financial responsibility to repair.
7) Foundation vents need to be closed up for the winter. This will reduce freezing air from creating a hazard to crawl space plumbing. It will also help to keep your home warmer.

Have You Ever Thought About Buying a Home, But Dismissed It As Impossible?


We don’t want to lose our great tenants, but we also want what is best for you. If you are planning to stay in the Boise Metro area for the foreseeable future, you may be better off buying than renting. Kameron Khang of ICCU has some great information on how to get started. Keep reading to learn how you may be able to qualify for a mortgage.

For many people, purchasing a first home can be a daunting task without a general knowledge of the home buying process and the variety of different financing options available. With this in mind, provided below is a short list for the first time homebuyer in order to simplify and clarify some of the basics when looking to purchase your first home:

  1. Many lenders are creating 1st time home buyer programs that allow for smaller down payments. While it is not possible to close on a home without any cash (except for VA loans for veterans), these programs make it significantly easier for buyers to come up with the cash necessary to close their loan. If you can save between 1% and 3% of the home’s purchase price you will be in a good spot! For example, if purchasing a home that costs $250,000 you will need at minimum $2500 saved for 1% down or $7500 for 3%.
  2. Try to get your credit scores cleaned up! If you have any open collections or late pays on your current loans, be sure to have these taken care of before applying with a lender. It is still possible to be approved with open collections; however it will make the process more difficult. Credit card balances should not be more than 50% of what your maximum credit available is between all of your credit cards. Getting those paid down will quickly improve your score, but remember never to close a credit card after paying down to 0 as this can also hurt your credit. Instead, cut up the card and forget about it!
  3. Try to create a monthly budget for what you want your new monthly payment to be. Remember that this will also include the Homeowners Insurance you are required to have on the home as well as property taxes. This can help a lender determine what program and price range best fit your needs.
  4. Never feel like you are bothering a lender with your questions or concerns! There is no such thing as a bad question and it is our job to guide you through the process. That’s why we are there, and we are more than happy to assist wherever we can. This includes closing cost estimates, monthly payment estimates, preapprovals, purchases, refinances, and any other general questions or concerns you might have.
  5. All lenders will require a list of documents from you and any co-borrowers to complete your application. These generally include: your last 2 years of W-2’s, your last 30 days of paystubs, and 2 months’ worth of bank statements on the account that you keep the majority of your funds in for the down payment (Savings, Checking, IRA, 401K, Etc.).
  6. A credit pull for a mortgage application will not negatively affect your credit score and credit pulls are good for 4 months! If you are thinking about purchasing within the next 4 months, it is heavily recommended to get a pre-approval letter drawn up by putting on an application. This way you can know your budget while shopping and the put in an offer quickly when you find one you like! Applications with ICCU are always free and you’re not obligated to move forward with a home purchase after applying.
  7. Most people decide to continue renting because they feel that they would not be able to afford a mortgage. This is not true! With the increasing cost of living in Boise, the price difference between renting and owning are fairly similar despite the closing costs. This also benefits the homeowner since any money put into the home is available to them as equity in the future!
  8. You can borrow against your 401K to use as a down payment for a home! These small loans are generally low interest and low payment and make it easier for people with retirement funds to use those funds for their home’s purchase! This does vary from company to company depending on your employer; however the majority of businesses do this and we’re ok with approving a loan for a new purchase when this is the case.

Kameron Khang | Mortgage Loan Officer.
Idaho Central Credit Union
200 North 4th Street
Boise, ID 83702
d: (208) 985-7331 | f: (208) 846-7176
NMLS#: 1670905 | Equal Housing Lender

The Nook – More Than Just A Bar

By AJ Black

Our business feature for this Month is a delightful new watering hole in the bustling heart of Boise’s downtown. The Nook, Owned and operated by Roger Wood and Debbie Andrews, is nestled into a street-facing location on 9th St. between Bannock and Idaho. Roger and Debbie both have prior careers in real estate, but decided to try something entirely new and open a small bar, to share with friends family and community. The space undertook a 10-week remodel, which Roger completed largely on his own. I think it’s safe to say that The Nook truly is a labor of love.

The energy inside is that of a friendly local’s pub. The staff is small, welcoming, and between them- have a combined 35 years of industry experience. They specialize in craft cocktails and local beers. All juices and house mixers are fresh-pressed to ensure exceptional quality and flavor. The Nook offers an extended happy hour every day and all well liquors are name brand. They pride themselves on having a style that is “simple yet crafted.” Having imbibed there several times myself, I would say they have more than accomplished that.

The Nook is a bar, sure, but it’s a bit more than that. It’s a place where the staff take real, personal pride in their work. Each bartender has their own signature drink, and all specialty cocktails are designed by the bartending team. The Nook also provides display space for local artist’s work, and aims to help them sell. The team down there has graciously offered our tenants a buy-one-get-one deal on all drinks on the fall menu. Hurry down, try some tasty concoctions and get to know your new favorite spot!

“From old fashioned to extra dirty martinis, we cover all the bases. We strive to give back to the community while providing a ‘Nook’ to enjoy time with friends”

The Nook
206 North 9th Street, Boise.
Facebook Page.

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