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In search of an excellent rental property manager in Nampa, Idaho? Look no further, you’re in the right place!

Who are we?

We are Realty Management Associates, a premier property management service provider located in Boise, Idaho. In business since 1980, we provide high-quality professional services in Nampa and the surrounding areas of Boise, Meridian, Star, Eagle, Kuna, Caldwell, and many other areas in Idaho.

Whether you are a property investor from right here in Idaho, or from out of state, we are here to help you. We have an outstanding reputation in the management and maintenance of a diverse range of properties. Our portfolio includes single and multi-unit residential apartments, as well as single-family homes.

Landlords and property owners alike can rest assured that their investments will be safe thanks to our property management services.

When you work with us you’ll benefit from our property management services including, marketing, tenant screenings, property maintenance, and more! Our experienced team of professionals makes it their priority to ensure that your investment property is well taken care of so that you enjoy the best return on your investment. 

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Realty Management Associates in Nampa, Idaho 

At RMA Inc., our dedicated team of property management professionals work diligently to ensure you, the property owner, get the best return on investment from your Nampa, Idaho property. You will experience peace of mind working with our experienced rental property managers, with the knowledge that your investment is being fully taken care of.

As your property’s manager in Nampa, we will work to keep your investment property well maintained and occupied by high-quality tenants. We will keep accurate records of all work and transactions related to your property, suggest budget improvements and collect the rent.

We will take care of your Nampa rental property and your tenants so that you can spend your valuable time on activities that you enjoy!


Rental Property Marketing Strategies

At Realty Management Associates we understand that a vacant Nampa rental property generates costs, not revenues. We work continuously to keep your investment property occupied by the best tenants.

Our array of resources and Nampa property management services include special promotions and marketing, unique advertising strategies as well as traditional ones. We are constantly exploring successful ways to market your rental property to as many potential tenants as possible.


Conduct a Detailed and Comprehensive Tenant Screening

The most efficient way to avoid difficult tenants is to not rent to them in the first place. For this reason, we have thorough tenant screening services in place. At Realty Management Associates, we subject all applicants to our rigorous tenant screening process to ensure that they will be quality and desirable renters.

Our tenant screening services help protect your rental property and your investments!


Strict and Professional Monthly Rent Collection 

Late and/or missing rent payments cause setbacks, which are not ideal for you or your rental property. We maintain a strict and professional policy for rent collection with tenants to ensure all monthly rent payments are submitted on time.

We also offer an online automatic monthly payment system to make rent collection easier. The automatic monthly payment system is convenient for tenants and helps to reduce late or missed rent payments! Contact us today to learn more about our Nampa property management services!


Property’s Maintenance and Repair

Generally speaking, the structures and outdoor areas of your Nampa rental property, such as the electrical and plumbing system, landscaping, walls, pools, appliances etc. are quite complex. They can differ markedly from one state to another, and from one type of climate to another. It is reasonable that a different approach to physical management is required with each property.

As your Nampa rental property management business provider, we are able to use our size and reputation to get the best possible services at the least possible rates. We strive to protect your investment’s value by budgeting and monitoring the quality of all maintenance costs and repair work.

Without our maintenance services, property owners and tenants alike can rest easy knowing that the property is in top condition!


Accounting and Record-Keeping

To avoid becoming a liability, all rental properties must uphold every listed norm and standard required by the local, state, and Federal governments. This includes but is not limited to, escrow management, maintenance of operating licenses for the county, meticulous records keeping of tax payments, and accounting. In addition, all tenant activities and interactions must also be recorded and stored for time periods specific to each area.

Several states have specific requirements in place to manage funds paid by the renters for disbursement to the owners. At Realty Management Associates, we are extremely proud to meet all requirements for state licensing required to expertly manage your rental property.


Manage Eviction Process

Evicting tenants is a difficult and unpleasant process. We do our best to ensure that evictions rarely happen. In the event that they do, we provide services that will manage the whole legal process.

Our team of Nampa property management experts are well-versed in Idaho state laws and landlord-tenant law pertaining to eviction. In the event that tenants fail to uphold the terms of their lease, our team will take care of every detail to keep costs to a minimum. We will then fill the vacancy with new tenants with utmost efficiency.

Nampa Area Information

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Nampa began its life in the early 1880s when the Oregon Short Line Railroad built a line from Granger, Wyoming, to Huntington, Oregon, which passed through Nampa. More railroad lines sprang up running through Nampa, making it a very important railroad town.

Alexander and Hannah Duffes established one of the town’s first homesteads, eventually forming the Nampa Land and Improvement Company with the help of their friend and co-founder, James McGee. In spite of the name, many of the first settlers referred to the town as “New Jerusalem” because of the strong religious focus of its citizens. After only a year the town had grown from 15 homes to 50. As new amenities were added to the town, Nampa continued its growth and was incorporated in 1890.

Source From Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

We offer our property management services in Eagle, Kuna, Meridian, Middleton, Star, Caldwell, Boise, and in many other areas of Idaho.