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July 2018

Is the heat getting to you? Nothing like a cold beer to cool you down and perk you up. White Dog Brewing Company in downtown Boise is offering our tenants “buy one get one”. They have dog friendly outside seating and welcome the whole family. So after a hot day on the green belt, head on over to White Dog to quench your thirst. But first, check out the reminders. After reading the reminder list, you’ll be more than ready for a that cold glass of beer!

July 4th Holiday Hours

RMA will be closed on July 4th in observance of the Independence Day holiday. The prior 2 days of the week and the latter 2 days of the week will be partially staffed so as to allow all staff members to have consecutive days off.

Important Reminders

1)As the weather heats up, the A/C gets a workout. Remember to change your furnace filters. This will improve the efficiency of your A/C as well as keep the alergins to a minimum. Just because it’s hot outside, doesn’t mean it needs to be freezing inside. Your thermostat shouldn’t be set any lower than 72F, otherwise you run the risk of freezing the unit.

3)Over the next several months we will be scheduling Dryer Vent cleaning, Power Washing, and Crawl Space and Attic inspections for those properties whose owners elected to have these services. If you rent one of these homes, you will be contacted by our property manager to alert you to the fact that you will be contacted by one of our vendors to arrange for access to the property. As a precaution, never allow any service provider access to your property unless you have been notified to expect them by us first.

5) Needless to say, our usual reminder for summer months, please keep up with the lawn mowing and weeding. If you leave your pet kenneled in the back yard while you are at work, please be sure the enclosure has shade at all times of day and that your pet has a plentiful supply of water.

4)If you have any maintenance concerns for your yard or your home please CONTACT US! All maintenance concerns should be addressed to cc: In the SUBJECT line state: MAINTENANCE REQUEST. We really appreciate you helping us to help you keep your home in tip-top condition.

How to Avoid Violation Notices & Fines

The high desert climate we enjoy in the Greater Boise area is harsh on lawns and landscaping. In the spring our temperature can sometimes swing more than 40 degrees in one day. And in the summer our burning dry heat will suck any moisture out of the landscape in a matter of hours. July is usually our hottest month, and in recent years temperatures have climbed into the 3-digits for days at a time. Keeping lawns and planter beds adequately hydrated during these hot weeks of summer requires extra vigilance. Our property managers will be conducting drive bys over the next couple of months, and dry patches in the lawn as well as weeds in the lawns or planter beds will be considered a violation, and a notice will be posted to your door. If you are one of our lucky tenants who have landscaping maintenance provided, of course this will not apply to you. But we do ask that if you notice dry areas in the landscaping, please report this to us so that we can attend to it. Some of the other concerns we are on the lookout for is personal property stored in front of the house, exposed to neighbors and passers by. Pools, trampolines or kids swing sets and climbing frames that have been erected without permission. Trash cans left on the side walk. Kids toys and bikes littering the front lawn. Cigarette butts carelessly discarded around the outside of the home. Damaged window screens. Motor vehicles with an expired license. Animals caged or tied outside without shade and/or water.

For those tenants who are new to RMA, I will take this opportunity to explain policy for our violation notices.

If you receive a violation notice, it will identify the violation(s) and the number of days in which you have to resolve the violation. Usually within 3 – 7 days. You will be requested to photograph the corrected violation and submit either by email: or by text: 208-996-3880. If you disregard the notice or do not respond with a photograph to show that you have resolved the violation you will be fined $25. If after a second notice you still disregard our request you will be fined $75. If a violation requires a third notice, you will be served a Breach of Lease notice.

Property Manager identified violations will be posted to your door as well as emailed to you when we have an email on file. HOA violation notices will be mailed to you as well as emailed.

White Dog Brewing Company

The name is intriguing, the beer is inspiring! Over a decade ago in the dream town of Bozeman Montana, two brothers, Joe and Troy Moore began brewing beer in their garage. Three years ago their love of the craft and producing quality beer grew into a thriving business. Dan Jordan, a roommate of Troy’s back in their college days, joined the brothers in partnership to expand the business and opened the Boise location in September of 2017 where they both had family. Boise not only provided a spacious centrally located taproom, but also significantly increased brewing capacity. The history of the Fulton Street space as the iconic location of the former Table Rock Brewery is well known in the city.

White Dog takes a very personal approach to crafting their beer. Each brew is inspired by creativity, innovation, and an intense desire to make some the best, most balanced beers in the industry.  Their canned product labels feature real dogs and their humans participating in the kinds of activities they all enjoy doing.  Dogs feature prominently in their inspiration as well as in their marketing as the name might suggest, including Cami, Joe's white lab, who is the namesake of the brewery. 

The taproom is committed to providing a family friendly atmosphere. Delicious smoked delicacies and local seasonal foods is available from Smoke and Thyme, the gourmet food truck that is permanently stationed in the alley behind the brewery. Since food is served in the taproom, White Dog Brewing reluctantly cannot have dogs in the facility, but they are warmly welcomed on their street side patio space in front. White Dog is offering our tenants Buy 1 Get 1 Free Pint. Go to our Tenant Resources page to copy/paste and print the coupon and head on down to White Dog for a cold pint! Offer expires August 30, 2018.
705 W Fulton Street, Boise.

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