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Important Reminders

1)All the usual cold weather reminders are still in effect. We may not have snow in the valley, but the temperatures have been dipping down into the 20s. So whether you are home or away, keep you heat in the 60s to prevent freezing pipes.
2) Have you changed filters recently? If not, please do so right away. Clean filters improves the performance of your furnace and keeps your air quality free of allergens and dust.
3) ) Snow could be just around the corner. Remember, unless you live in a multi-family community it is your responsibility to clear the sidewalk in front of your house. Please also clear snow and ice from your front walk, driveway and away from utility meters.
4) If your gutters are full of leaves and debris, you may notice them overflowing when it rains, or sagging from weight, or growing plants. If you witness any of these tell-tale signs, please take a photo of the evidence and submit it to us through the property meld system on our website so that we can issue a work order.
6) Foundation vents need to be closed up for the winter. This will reduce freezing air from creating a hazard to crawl space plumbing. It will also help to keep your home warmer.

If you have any maintenance concerns for your yard or your home please CONTACT US! All maintenance concerns should be submitted through property meld, accessed on our website, under the Tenant Tab – Maintenance Request – Submit Work Order.

City Utilities Increase in 2019

We have received notice from several of the cities in the greater Boise Metro area that they will effect an increase in sewer and trash fees for 2019. Expect an approximate increase of $10 per month if you are on a passthrough utility reimbursement program with us.

Are You Making an Invisible Repair or creating a Patchwork?

We ran this article last June. Unfortunately not all our tenants read our newsletter, and just a couple of months later a tenant moved out and did exactly what we direct tenants not to do. The tenant ended up with a repair fee deducted from their security deposit, and RMA ended up with a bad Google Review! We really don’t want to have to deduct repair costs from your deposits, and we certainly don’t want bad reviews, so I’m republishing this article in the hope that more tenants will read it and we won’t run into this issue again.

When tenants vacate a rental, they would naturally like to be refunded the security deposit they placed with the management company upon move-in. RMA has very clear guidelines on what is considered to be normal wear and tear and what is damage. Normal wear and tear does not incur a charge against the security deposit, however the cost to repair damage will. In this article I am only going to address walls, specifically repair to walls where items have been mounted or hung. It is impossible to mount a TV to a wall without creating what RMA would consider damage. However, regular size paintings and wall art that can be hung from a picture hanger fastened by a brad, will not create a hole large enough to be considered damage, (no larger than 2cm). When preparing a home to vacate, it is important to resist the urge to patch paint walls. Even if cans of matching paint are available to you, it is difficult to apply a small area of paint that will not stand out in certain light. Over time, the sheen of the paint in the stored can may have altered from heat fluctuations, and the wall color may have faded. Tiny holes made by brads typically will not show, and are best left entirely alone. If you have hung wall art with larger nails, these will have to be filled.

In these situations the only way to repair a wall without the appearance of patchwork is to roll paint from corner to corner. This might seem like an unnecessary expanse of painting, but it is virtually impossible to patch paint a wall without it looking like a patchwork. RMA policy allows for 12 tiny nail holes per wall to be considered normal wear and tear. Anything in excess of that will be considered damage. If you are unsure, call your property manager first, before attempting a repair job. If your repair is visible, it will most likely have to be repaired again, to our standards, and at your cost. RMA does provide a move-out checklist that give guidance for preparing a property to avoid damage, repair and cleaning charges.

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