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January Newsletter

Wave of the Future – Apartments or Houses?

If you’ve researched upcoming developments in the Boise Metro area recently you will notice plans are underway for multiple mixed use developments that include high-end apartment housing. With each new high-end apartment building I hear about I wonder about the demographic of the future tenants. Boise Metro has been experiencing tremendous growth in the past several years and all indications are that the growth will continue. Statisticians have assured us that even with the surge of newly built communities providing both single family homes and multifamily accommodations, supply will barely be keeping up with demand. But will newcomers favor upscale apartments over a single family house? If you ask someone who recently relocated why they chose to move to Boise Metro, they will almost always tell you it is for the quality of life. Having been restricted to a cramped urban environment they longed for space, privacy, and community. Will they favor conveniences of apartment living despite a compact floorplan, adjoining communal walls, and little or no storage space for their outdoor “toys”, over a spacious home with a fenced yard and oversize 2-car garage? It’s an interesting question, and not one I have an answer to, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Maintenance Updates

(The maintenance updates only apply to those of you who have pre-ordered these preventative maintenance services. If you didn’t opt in for a service you read about in this newsletter, and would like to schedule a service, just email to let him know.)

Look for the 2019 Preventative Maintenance Suggested Services at the end of January. These will be emailed to you with a request for you to return to us with your choice of opt-in or opt-out for each suggested service.

Accounting Updates

Year End Accounting
Detail Profit and Loss statements, (owner’s income and expenses for each property), will be attached to your owner portal at the end of January. It will also be sent to the address we have on file for you by US mail on or before January 31st.

Accounting Updates

Your 1099 will be mailed on or before January 31. For security reasons, the 1099s are not made available to view online.

If you ever have questions about your statement, please contact

Tenant News

Our January Tenant Newsletter reminded our tenants of how to address repairs to walls upon moveout. If you’re interested to read the tenant newsletters, you will find them on our WEBSITE.

Employee Spotlight – Claire Fenton

Realty Management Associates is pleased to spotlight our Business Development associate, Claire Fenton, for the month of January. Claire spends her days at RMA bouncing between client/colleague meetings, surveying properties, and administrative work. She spent her childhood in England, coming to the states as a young woman (apparently to visit), and never left!

A day in the life of Claire typically begins with the pursuit of knowledge, either via listening to a TED talk, or reading a chapter from a personal growth book. Personal and professional development is important to Claire, as are human rights, and environmental issues. Some of her focuses in these areas include food insecurity, homelessness, climate change, minority rights, and affordable health care…just to name a few.

In her leisure time, Claire is passionate about her many hobbies. In the warmer months she can be found tending to her flower garden, hiking in the Boise foothills, or biking around the North End. Claire is very social, and dedicates a lot of her time to taking in the arts that Boise has to offer, both performing and visual. She enjoys hosting dinner parties and sampling a fine glass of wine (or two!) with her friends. That being said, in addition to all of this– Claire does actually find time to mellow out. During the evenings she is not entertaining she enjoys settling in by the fire with a good book, or an episode of her favorite show, Frasier.

If Claire could choose to be anywhere she would either be relaxing on a tropical beach, or skate skiing in the mountains. I’m sure both of these scenarios would include enjoying good food and bev. to finish off the day. If a good wine is available, wherever she may be, that is Claire’s staple– though she does enjoy a good Gin n’ Tonic or a fun fancy cocktail every once in a while.

An artist at heart, Claire has expressed her creativity in many forms throughout her life. She has experience with sculpting, home and garden design, event floristry, and writing. These are all pursuits she hopes to rededicate her time to once she is retired. A young Claire set goals to find financial success, a happy family life, and to make a difference.

While I’m sure there have been bumps in the road, Claire seems to have met these goals, and continues to work every day to nurture and grow them. Perhaps this is all a result of what she might call her ‘annoying persistence’. Thanks for all you do here at RMA Claire!

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