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This month’s newsletter brings sweet offerings from The STIL in Bodo!

Just moved in to your home, or thinking about a change of accommodation later this year? Read the article on our Move-In and Move-Out protocol, it will help you understand our system and the importance of documenting these events.

Important Reminders

  • Recently we’ve been having days that feel like spring is on the way already! If you have leaves piled up in the garden beds or on the lawn left over from fall, rake them up now to allow the new growth to sprout.
  • If your gutters aren’t draining adequately they may be blocked by late falling leaves or other debris. Please contact our maintenance department if you see problems with gutters or downspouts.

If you have any maintenance concerns for your yard or your home please CONTACT US! All maintenance concerns should be addressed to cc: In the SUBJECT line state: MAINTENANCE REQUEST. We really appreciate you helping us to help you keep your home in tip-top condition.

The Ins and Outs of our Move-In & Move-Out Protocol

Realty Management strives for every home to be clean and in good working order for each new tenant to move in to. So before your move-in the RMA team has already conducted serveral walk through surveys. We first survey the property immediately after the prior tenant moves out. From that walk through of the property we note the condition of the property from the perspectives of cleanliness, wear and tear, and potential tenant damage to furnishings, fittings and appliances. We also survey any yard, patio or outdoor surrounds of the property. From this survey we draw up a report and issue any work orders that may be needed. When our maintenance team is in the house fulfilling the workorders they will also test plumbing, appliances, operations of doors, drawers and locks amongst other things to assure nothing was missed with the first survey. Once the work has been completed by our maintenance and cleaning teams, provided time allows, our office conducts another walk through of the property, prior to a new tenant moving in, to ascertain if a light touch-up cleaning is required.

New tenants will find move-in documents waiting for them on the kitchen counter along with extra keys and any electronic devices for the home. Included in the documents is a Residental Inspection and Acceptance form. New tenants are requested to complete this form and return to RMA within 7 days. This form is important to the tenant as it allows them the opportunity to document any minor damage, or pre-existing issues they may observe. By documenting these concerns, the tenant protects themself from the possibility of being held responsible for the item(s) of concern when they vacate the property.

When completing this form, please remember there is a distinct difference between “dirty” and “age worn”. One might be tempted to call an oven, or perhaps a carpet dirty, when in fact, it is simply old and has worn discoloration that simply cannot be removed by cleaning. There are no circumstances where a property should be rented out in a dirty condition. So please try to be more specific, otherwise your form may be denied pending further scrutiny.

When the time comes for a tenant to move on, a 45 day written notice to vacate is required. The terms of the lease agreement require tenants to leave the property in a condition equal to, or better than when they moved in. It is requested that tenants do not try to patch nail holes or damaged walls, repaint, or clean carpets. These items are arranged for by RMA and the cost deducted drom the tenant’s security deposit. In this way RMA can be assured that carpets are professionally cleaned and walls patched and painted to our standards. Tenants are expected to conduct a thorough cleaning of the entire property. If the tenant wishes to hire professional cleaners, they may coordinate with RMA to hire independent cleaners recommended by RMA. This is advisable so that the tenant is assured the cleaners will clean to stardards acceptable to RMA.

The official vacancy date of the tenant is determined by the date keys are delivered to our office. Tenants may request a walk through with a property manager prior to turning in keys to note any deficiences that are in need of correction, however there is a $50 charge to the tenant for this service. Tenants are not automatically provided with a copy of RMAs move out survey. The reason for this is that our report will incude all items that demand attention. This can include items of repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear and preventative maintenance that are not a tenant responsibility. In compliance with the lease agreement RMA has 30-days from the end of a tenancy to complete the tenant disposition and provide final account balance notice. Any security deposit funds owed the tenant will be released at this time. If a tenant disputes the final disposition notice they have 30-days to submit a grievance in writing to RMA.


Looking to add a little sweetness to your life? Close your eyes and think of some of your favorite things to partake in. Could ice cream and alcohol be two of them? How about if you combined alcohol and ice cream? Wouldn’t that be sweeet?

Welcome to The STIL – just what the doctor ordered to sweeten up a dull February day!

The STIL opened last June after a lot of anticipation and excitement. Their first summer was a sweet success, and even on the coldest winter days you will find a steady stream of Boisiens popping in for their favorite flavor accompanied by either a craft beer, local wine or espresso drink.

Although this ice cream shop has a distinctly adult character, it is also child friendly, offering basic popular flavors the whole family can enjoy. However, if you are feeling adventurous, try their alcohol infused flavors, garden inspired concoctions, varieties blending baked goods, or wild and wacky experimental potions. For you veggies or vegans craving a sweet memory from childhood, there are non-dairy and vegan options to enjoy.

The STIL, an acronym for the Sweetest Things In Life, (hence all my corny references to sweet!), is locally owned and operated, with a mission to connect customers with the sweetest things in their lives, bringing families, friends, and loved ones together over a shared sweet treat. With a commitment to community The STIL believes in giving back, adding value and supporting all things local. And in that vein, Dan and Kasey are generously supporting our Very Important Tenant program by offering 50% off any beer, wine or soda with the purchase of an ice cream of your choice. Go to our Tenant Resources Page page to claim your STIL coupon. Don’t miss this sweet opportunity to experience ice cream like you’ve never tasted before, made on-site using locally sourced ingredients without the use of artificial flavors, colors or ingredients.

786 W Broad Street, Boise 83702 (at BODO)
Connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ilovethestil

We Want To Thank You for Being Such Great Tenants!

Coffee On Us!

We are running a Facebook campaign to increase our number of LIKES and also to increase our reviews. If you haven’t already LIKED our page or left us a FB review we’d LOVE your help, and we want to award you with a coffee gift card, just for clicking the link below and liking our page. However, we can’t track exactly who likes our page unless you leave a review. So for everyone who leaves us a review and likes our page before February 10, we will send a $5 Starbucks gift card – Happy New Year!

Don’t forget to view the Tenant Resources Page to redeem VIT coupons.

There are some with no expiration date – well worth checking out!

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