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December Renter’s Messages & Announcements

Yay……. We have a winner!

Last month I asked for help in naming our newsletter. We had some fantastic submissions, but the one that received the most votes from our staff was suggested by Jon Adamson. Jon will be receiving 2 tickets to the 4th Annual Idaho Laugh Fest, Idaho’s iconic comedy festival! Thank you Jon, for naming our newsletter!

Important Reminders

  • If you leave town for a day or more, be sure your heating is set to at least 59F. Frozen pipes or a flooded home is not a welcome homecoming.
  • Did you know that city regulations make you responsible for keeping the sidewalk in front of your house free of snow and ice? (If you live in an HOA community, the HOA is typically responsible)
  • Keep raking those leaves! Unfortunately, they don’t all fall at once. So it can take several rakings to clear all the leaves from the ground.

Lighting the Future

How much do you know about light bulbs? When one of our property owners recently informed us of his policy to not use CFL bulbs, we realized we didn’t know a whole lot. So we decided to do a little research.

CFL bulbs are the ones with the curly cue formation and it turns out they contain mercury which requires them to be disposed of in recycling centers. Now before you start to panic, let me reassure you that according to a 2008 article on this issue in Scientific Journal, CFLs typically contain between three to five milligrams of mercury – about one hundredth of the mercury content of the older thermostats that may stilll be found in some homes. And, researchers have found that only a tiny fraction of that is actually released when bulbs break. So within each individual home, CFLs provide a negligable danger. However, multiply bulbs used in millions of households and dumped into landfills by unknowing people who don’t realize they shouldn’t be throwing their burned out bulbs in the trash, and now you have a hazard to be concerned about. With that in mind, RMA has introduced a new policy to disallow CFL bulbs and to start replacing CFL bulbs with LED bulbs.

This is very good news for YOU, our tenants! LEDs are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs, which translates to lower power costs. LEDs last up to 10 times as long as CFL bulbs and far longer than typical incandescents. They are durable – lacking a filamet, they hold up well to jarring and bumping. LEDs don’t cause heat build-up, and they are mercury free, so they are not an environmental hazard and don’t have to be disposed of in any special way. Another piece of good news, we have sourced a supplier of LED bulbs that will match the price of a CFL, so environmentally friendly, longer lasting lighting doesn’t even cost more. Please TAKE NOTE! – the next time a bulb blows, replace it with a LED and what ever you do, don’t replace it with a CFL because when you vacate the property those CFLs will have to be replaced at your expense.

Keep reading for great activity ideas and special offers……

The True Taste of Texan Barbecue

If you haven’t tried Dickey’s slow smoked texas barbecue, now’s your chance with generous coupons offered exclusively to RMA tenants! Dickey’s has 3 locations to choose from, Garden City, Meridian and Eagle. Although a fairly recent addition to the Treasure Valley eateries, the Texas based chain has been around since 1941 and in their own words “We are passionate about the Art of Great Barbecue!” Dickey’s “No BS” (Bad Stuff) slogan means they are committed to sourcing, smoking and serving only responsibly raised high quality meat, humanely handled, sustainably raised without unnessesary harmful additives. Dickey’s true Texan barbecued meat is slow smoked onsite with hickory wood and marinated with championship winning rubs. Savory sides are time-tested and often come from the original recipes of the first ever restaurant in Dallas, Texas.

For Skyler Jones, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is a family affair. After living in Texas for 14 years, Skyler and his father knew they needed to bring slow-smoked barbecue to their new hometown of Boise Idaho. Skyler’s passassion for truly Texan barbecue coupled with outstanding customer service proved a successful business model and earned Skyler the Brand Champion Award in 2015.

Claim your VIT discount coupons now and run on down to Dickey’s Barbecue Pit! Coupons expire December 31, 2016.

How To Fit It All In?

December brings so many activities and special events it’s impossible to fit it all in. One of my personal favorites is the Botanical Garden’s Winter Garden Aglow. This year marks their 20th anniversary. With over 300,000 lights illuminating the frozen garden, the effect is truly magical. This is a treat for the whole family and something you may want to make a holiday tradition.
Winter Garden Aglow

For those of you who live in the western part of the Treasure Valley, visit Caldwell’s historic downtown to experience over 750,000 lights and themed displays strung along Indian Creek until January 15. A fun evening out for the whole family and its FREE too! How can you beat that? Northwest Magazine calls Caldwell’s festive winter lighting a “luminous spectacle, sure to delight any holiday lover.”

What To Do About Town?

Sponsored by Tia Crabtree – Front Street Brokers – 208-484-8215 –

Greenbelt magazine offers great feature articles on local businesses, news, views, a dining guide and information on upcoming entertainment. Their December calendar is packed with things to do. Christmas bazaars, Claus ‘n Paws at the Boise Zoo, Christmas theatre productions, Story Time at the Village, and so much more. Check out their calendar for full information, events being added daily.

What Are You Doing New Years Eve? Chance to Win Tickets to the Idaho Potato Drop!

Last month we received several wonderful emails of praise for our company, but the one that touched us the most was this email sent to us by Chloe Foster who has been renting through RMA for two years. : “I have lived in my apartment through realty management for two years. There's one employee who has always been kind and helpful to me no matter what it was. She always responds promptly to my emails and questions. Every time I go and pay my rent she has the friendliest smile on her face and this makes me feel welcome. Her name is Brandi. I appreciate her hard work and how friendly she is every time I see her. Thanks! :)”

If you have something nice to say about our company, or a particular employee, please submit your praise to Our staff will pick the winning entry to be posted to our website and social media. The winner will receive TWO TICKETS to the NEW YEAR’S EVE POTATO DROP. You won’t want to miss this celebratory event – huge firework show, live music and, of course, the potato drop at midnight! Idaho Potato Drop

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