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Solve Our Puzzle

Thank you for participating in July’s Newsletter Puzzle.  After a random drawing amongst all of our correct responses, Our July winner is Jonathan Wann, who won a $20 gift card to Kona Grill. Congratulations Jon! 

Solve this month’s crossword puzzle! Correct answers will be entered into a drawing for this month’s prize of a $20 gift card to Albertsons.  Read this month’s reminders and newsletter below for clues.  Good luck!

Important Reminders

1)   We’ve been so lucky to not have experienced the extreme heat we usually have to endure in July. But never the less it’s been hot and this is when dry spots can appear in the lawn if the sprinklers aren’t operating correctly.  Please report any sprinkler problems, using the Property Meld system.

2)   If you have pets and you leave them outside while you are at work, please be sure they have plenty of shade and water.

3)   If you have perennials plants in the planter beds, please keep up with deadheading dying flower heads and cut back spent perennials.

4) It’s barbecue season, and with light evenings it’s easy to lose track of time when you have friends over, and noise levels can rise as the evening progresses.  Please be considerate of your neighbors.

5) If your community has a pool, please be sure you are aware of the pool/clubhouse rules and abide by them.  

6) Speaking of pools…… please remember that inflatable pools, trampolines or other recreational yard equipment requires the permission of your landlord to be erected in your back yard.  Anything that covers the lawn will kill it, and there are also insurance liability concerns that would need to be addressed.

7) A monthly reminder to please keep your lawn mowed weekly and weed the planter beds. We are about half way through the mowing season – hang in there!

8) Another monthly reminder - have you changed filters recently?  Your lease requires you to change them every two months.  Clean filters improves the performance of your furnace and air conditioner and keeps your air quality free of allergens and dust.  If you don’t know where to find your filters, or how to change them, please call your property manager. 

If you have any maintenance concerns for your yard or home please CONTACT US! All maintenance concerns should be submitted through property meld, accessed on our website, under the Tenant Tab – Maintenance Request – Submit Work Order.

Adult Roommates: A Growing Trend in the U.S.

By Athena Savoglou

Roommates used to be a concept reserved for college dormitories, but not anymore. Times, they are-a-changing. These days, the number of adults deciding to cohabitate with non-family members or spouses is ever increasing. This change in living dynamics is due to a few economic and sociological shifts occurring in today’s society.

First, the average age of marriage is getting older and older.  Over the last 20 years, the average marrying-age has increased by roughly four years for each gender.  In 1988, the estimated median age of first marriage was 25.9 for men, and 23.6 for women.  By 2018, those ages had increased to 29.8 for men, and 27.8 for women.  Additionally, median marrying age gap between men and women is closing, as women especially are waiting longer and longer to get married.  The delay in marriage means that more and more 20 and 30 somethings are unmarried and looking for roommates. (source: the spruce)

Secondly, the increase in student loan debt is causing a lot of recent (and not-so-recent) college and graduate school graduates to look for opportunities to save money.  Currently, the total U.S. federal student loan debt is $1.598 trillion. Roughly 7.5 million student-borrowers took out federal student loans in the 2018-19 school year (this does not include private or state loans).  This year, almost 85% of graduates from for-profit colleges had student loans, which averaged almost $40,000 per student.  As the average amount of debt is steadily increasing as well, splitting costs of living with a roommate has become an attractive way to help ease the burden of monumental student loan debt. (source: 2019 Student Loan Debt Statistics Almanac).

Finally, the cost of living itself is steadily increasing.  According to Yahoo Finance, the national cost of living has increased 14% since 2015.  In the same time frame, average home price has risen approximately $45,000, and medium rent has increased 7.6%.  However, median income per household is not increasing at the same rate, making it harder and harder for Americans to keep up with mortgage and rent.  Therefore, having roommates allows people to split the rising cost and alleviate some of the financial burden associated with exponentially rising living costs. (source: Yahoo Finance)

Between delayed marriage rates, student loan debt, and increasing cost of living, having a roommate seems to be a great idea these days!


 Solve our Newsletter Puzzle for the chance to win a $20 gift card to Albertsons.

Read this month’s reminders and newsletter for clues.  Good luck!

If you have solved the crossword puzzle, please email your answers to athena.RMA@gmail.comAll correct answers will be submitted for a drawing for the prize.

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