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August 2018

Well, we promised you heat in July, and we delivered! Several weeks of temperatures hovering near or over 100F is enough to zap you of energy and dry you out. It will also dry out your lawn and shrubs, so please be vigilent in making sure your landscaping is getting enough water.

This month’s business feature brings you Tasso, NOT your average sandwich shop! Check them out and enjoy a free pint and refill!

Important Reminders

1)Did you remember to change your furnace filters? This will improve the efficiency of your A/C as well as keep the alergins to a minimum. Just because it’s hot outside, doesn’t mean it needs to be freezing inside. Your thermostat shouldn’t be set any lower than 72F, otherwise you run the risk of freezing the unit.

3)In the Fall we will be scheduling Crawl Space and Attic inspections for those properties whose owners elected to have these services. If you rent one of these homes, you will receive notice by our property manager to alert you to the fact that you will be contacted by one of our vendors to arrange for access to the property. As a precaution, never allow any service provider access to your property unless you have been notified to expect them by us first.

5) Needless to say, our usual reminder for summer months, please keep up with the lawn mowing and weeding. If you leave your pet kenneled in the back yard while you are at work, please be sure the enclosure has shade at all times of day and that your pet has a plentiful supply of water.

4)If you have any maintenance concerns for your yard or your home please CONTACT US! As you will read below, we have a new system now. Please visit our website, under the Tenant Tab, and follow the steps to submit a maintenance ticket. We really appreciate you helping us to help you keep your home in tip-top condition.

Repairs and Maintenance Made Easy!

Realty Management Associates, Inc has opted to upgrade the way they handle maintenance using a system called Property Meld. You should have recently received an email from Property Meld welcoming you to the new system which will simplify the way you submit a maintenance request and improve your ability to see what's happening with your work order. If you don’t remember seeing this, search your email for Property Meld or If you still can’t find it, go to our website, under the tenant tab, select “maintenance request” – submit “work order” and then on the login page, scroll to the bottom and select “request an invite”. A new email will be sent to you so that you can create your account.

If you haven’t already done so, please follow the link in the email to set up your account. Watching the orientation video will clarify the process for you, it takes under 3 minutes!

This new system allows you to submit, schedule and communicate with your property manager and vendor, all through the easy to use, smart phone compatible software. When you have a maintenance issue, you will login to Property Meld, to create a New Meld, (maintenance/repair ticket). You will then be lead through a series of prompts that allow you to choose whether or not you want to be present for the repair, scheduling the repair, and, if using your smart phone, you can automatically attach photographs of the requested repair. If you have questions you can use the chatbox to communicate with your Property Manager and/or vendor. One of the best aspects of this new system is that it tracks the progress of the repair. You will be notified of your scheduled repair 24 hours in advance, and then again just one hour in advance. You will also receive notification when the repair is completed. These communications can be via text or email, you can set up your communications preferences to select which. RMA is very excited about this new system. We believe it will improve the service you receive while at the same time streamlining our maintenance system to be beneficial for all.

Tasso – A Place to Gather, Share a Delicious, Easy Meal and Tasty Beverage.

by AJ Black

Not your average sandwich shop, new Boise lunch hotspot Tasso, is serving up fresh flavors to the Downtown area. Located in Bodo on the corner of 8th and Broad– Tasso maintains a casual, yet refined feel. Owner Dan Carruthers can be found cheerfully greeting customers through the kitchen window as he busily works his sandwich magic. He and his partner Hannah take pride in only creating from the finest materials. All ingredients are as fresh as they come, and are used in innovative, globally inspired recipes that yield a menu bursting with unique and exciting flavors. Named for a style of spicy cured pork, this is a place that knows their meat. All of the curing, aging, and smoking is done in-house. But not to fear veggie-fiends! There are plenty of non-meat options that look just as enticing as their protein-packed counterparts.

Tasso has a rotating selection of craft beers on tap, and if that seems like the ideal sandwich accompaniment– wait till you try the popcorn, and no it’s not like the kind you get at the movies. I believe I heard whispers of a curry flavor when I dropped by last week... I will be visiting again very soon.

“Tasso was created as a place to gather and share a delicious, easy meal and a tasty beverage. See you there!” -Hannah Carruthers

Tasso is generously offering our tenants a free beer (and a refill!) with the purchase of any sandwich. Offer is ongoing, can only be redeemed once per person. Go to our Tenant Resources page to copy/paste and print the coupon. Enjoy!

401 S 8th St., Boise

Don’t Miss Out!

Remember to go to the Tenant Resources page to redeem other others. White Dog’s offer of a 2 for 1 is still valid until the end of August. Kona Grill is offering a free appetizer with the purchase of an entrée. And Smoky Mountain Pizzeria Grill will serve you a complimentary order of their awesome Brie Kisses!

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