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August Newsletter

Smoky Skies

Sultry Heat and Smoky Air – It Must Be August!

This is a brief interim message to give you a heads-up on future development of this newsletter. We want our newsletter be something you look forward to receiving, so we are planning some fun perks and partnerships!

Who doesn’t like to get a deal? So how would you like to receive, just for being one of our tenants, a 2-for-1 meal somewhere nice, or a discount at your favorite retailer? How about free grocery delivery?

Is life so busy you find yourself on the weekend with nothing to do because you haven’t had time to plan it? Well, we might be able to help you out with that! In each newsletter we will highlight some exciting upcoming events and include a link to an online calendar for greater selection and more detail.

So…. look for our WINTER newsletter to arrive at the end of October packed with fun surprises! Newsletters are produced quarterly.

A Few Reminders For The Next Couple of Months

  • Save on water bills – you can probably reduce your sprinkler times now, certainly by the end of August. Fall blow-out will take place in late October, early November.
  • As leaves start to fall, rake them up and place in the paper recycle bags, (you’ll find these at most big box stores, grocery stores and garden shops). Check with your trash collection company for leaf-recycle pick-up dates.
  • Pull those pesky weeds from the planter beds and edge the grass where it butts up against a planter bed. Once grass roots get intermingled with the roots of flowers and shrubs, it’s almost impossible to get rid of.
  • In October, before the first freeze, disconnect any hoses from exterior water sources. If left connected, water in the hose will freeze, expand into the water faucet, and could cause the faucet to crack. If this happens, you will be held responsible.
  • If you have a wood-burning fireplace that you used last winter, get the chimney inspected and cleaned, (if recommended), before you use it again. Check with our office, your landlord may be willing to pay for this.
  • Worried about your heating bills? Is your HVAC system blowing dust and seem sluggish? Let us know and we’ll check our records. If it’s been a while since the last service, we’ll contact the owner of your property to suggest a tech. inspect it. Don’t forget, it’s your responsibility to change the filters. Clean filters will help the performance of your HVAC system, reduce allergens in the air, and help reduce your heating costs too. (Check our last newsletter for more information on this.)

Enjoy the rest of your summer and, for those of you with school age children, HAPPY Back-to-school!

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