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  • We had a respite from the high temperatures for a while, but they’ve climbed back up again. So make sure your yard is getting enough water. Towards mid to end of September we anticipate temperatures may cool off significantly at night and by several degrees during the day. At that time, you may need to cut back your watering a bit if the lawn is getting soggy.
  • Weeds are still growing! Keep pulling them, only about 6 more weeks left! ☺
  • Keep the dying flower heads clipped off your perennials, this will promote more flower production and keep your plants and shrubs healthy and happy all the way through the Fall.
  • HVAC service and Dryer Vent blow out service will be scheduled over the coming weeks for those properties whose owners have requested these maintenance items.

If you have any maintenance concerns for your yard or your home please CONTACT US! All maintenance concerns should be addressed to cc: In the SUBJECT line state: MAINTENANCE REQUEST. We really appreciate you helping us to help you keep your home in tip-top condition.

Routine Inspections/Drive Bys/Owner Maintenance Requests

We totally want to respect your privacy and your right to live in your rental home without undue interferrence from our property managers or vendors. However, we also have a legal obligation to the property owners to keep an eye on their investment property and for taking care of maintenance concerns. We want to take this opportunity to explain a couple of our policies to you.

Routine Drive By: Our property managers will drive by your home several times a year. If your home has an enclosed back yard, we will not enter the back yard, but we will get out of the car and walk the front of the property to view as much of the property as we can without entering through closed gates. While we are at the property, we will take photographs to provide to the property owner, accompanied by a report on the condition of the lawn, planter beds, shrubs/trees, home exterior walls/windows/doors, pathways/driveways. If the property manager notices any concerns due to tenant neglect a notice will be posted to your door with instructions on the violation and steps to remediate.

Owner Requested Routine Maintenance: Each year we provide our property owners with a list of suggested maintenance items intended to assist in keeping the house in top working condition. Some of the maintenance items may include the necessity to enter the house, and some only require access to the perimeter of the exterior. Some examples of these inspections are: water heater service and flush; HVAC system service; dryer vent blowout; crawl space & attic inspection; roof/siding & windows inspection.

Our procedure for these routine maintenance requests is to send an email to you, the tenant, to notify you that a maintenance item has been requested by the property owner, and that we have placed a work order with XYZ vendor who will be performing the maintenance work during the month of X. If the maintenance requires entry to your home, the vendor will contact you directly to schedule a mutually agreeable time. If the work order only requires access to the exterior perimeter of the home, the vendor will not schedule a specific time. If access to the back of your house is inaccessible because of dog(s) or locked gate, you will be requested to contact the vendor upon receiving our notice so that arrangements for entry can be made.

If tenants are non-responsive to vendor requests to schedule an appointment, or they refuse access to the exterior perimeter of the home, a fine could be incurred. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a vendor who arrives at your home requesting access with no prior notification from our office, please contact our property manager for verification. Spencer Henderson: 208-514-4870

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Treasure Valley Rossiter
(Demonstration Session free!)

There are few people who don’t suffer from some aches or pain. We live lifestyles that put stress on our bodies. Whether it’s from lack of varied mobility, like sitting at a desk all day, repeating small intense motions causing us to strain specific muscle groups by maintaining unnatural positions for hours while we type, manipulate a mouse device, read digital screens, text, etc. Or we might be suffering from a sports injury caused by an over eager desire to perform an action our muscles have not been properly prepared for. Whatever the reason, none of us escapes physical stress. The good news is there are several different modalities we can explore to remediate our aches and pains. One little known, and extremely effective technique is Rossiter therapy. The Rossiter system is a method targeting relief and prevention of structural pain through a series of assisted stretches. This effective and safe method provides fast pain relief, and not only alleviates pain but can prevent it’s occurrence.

Ellen Brisson-Capp is currently the only qualified Rossiter practicioner in the Treasure Valley. Not for long however, because Ellen will shortly be receiving her training credentials, and she is excited to teach other health and wellness professionals the unique techniques of the Rossiter system. Ellen has always been drawn to health and fitness. Her athletic journey began in high school as a participant of two swim teams. Swimming lead to functional fitness and crossfit and from there Ellen pursued her 200 hour yoga teacher certification. Ellen always knew her life’s path would lead her to help people in some way. What she didn’t know was that it would be a personal tragedy in the family that would introduce her to Rossiter, which has since become her passion.

Ellen is making it extremely affordable for you to experience how she can help alleviate your structural pain. She is offering our tenants a VIT special of $15 for your first appointment.

Learn more about Ellen and her Rossiter practice here:
Access your VIT coupon on our Tenant Resources Page.

What Business Would You Like To See Offer a VIT Discount?

Post a short note on our Facebook page about the VIT services you have enjoyed, and those that you would like us to arrange for you in the future. (while you are there, LIKE us too!), and we’ll send the first person in September to post a review a $20 coffee card.

The second person to post a review will receive a $10 gift card and the third person will receive a $5 gift card.

Check in the Tenant Resources Page to redeem VIT coupons. There are some with no expiration date – so well worth checking in.

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