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As the season changes, we have lots of important reminders for you. So please read through to the end of the newsletter


  • Fall is definitely in the air! The leaves will start to fall this month, so get your rake out and be prepared for a weekly rake-up until the snow flys! Stock up from your local hardware store or grocery store with leaf recycle bags. Look for a notice from your trash collection agency for leaf pickup dates. If you are located in the City of Boise, and participating in the compost program, put what you can into your compost cart first. Compost/leaf pickup is weekly on your trash pickup day in Boise. If you are not participating in the compost program no paper bags will be collected. So call 208-608-7460 to sign up so that you can take adantage of unlimited year-round collection.
  • By mid to end of October it will probably be time to cut back the perennials. Many perennial plants benefit from cutting to the ground. A generous topping of mulch will keep them toasty in winter and help feed new spring growth. Pick up some free compost from the Boise City compost program if you live in Boise.
  • Remember, it is your responsibility to prune small shrubs. October is a good time to take care of that.
  • ‘Tis the season to change HVAC filters in preparation for cooler weather. Especially with all the smoke we experienced in the air in August and September, the filters will be quite nasty.
  • HVAC service and Dryer Vent blow out service will be scheduled over the coming weeks for those properties whose owners have requested these maintenance items.
  • October will also be the month for Fall Yard Cleanup. For those properties whose owners requested this service, your lawn will receive fertilization, and an anti-weed application.
  • Overgrown trees and large shrubs will receive a trim.
  • Sprinklers will also be winterized during October.


These tasks are usually noted for early November. But in case the temps drop into the freezing levels early this year, (after all, we’ve already had snow in the foothills, and frost on the roofs!), please take the following action:

  • Disconnect garden hoses from outside faucets and wrap faucets with insulating substance.
  • Keep household temperatures set to a minimum of 68F, especially if you leave town for a few days. You never know when the temperature will suddenly drop, and you don’t want to come back to frozen or burst pipes!

If you have any maintenance concerns for your yard or your home please CONTACT US! All maintenance concerns should be addressed to cc: In the SUBJECT line state: MAINTENANCE REQUEST. We really appreciate you helping us to help you keep your home in tip-top condition.

Parking Wars and Parking Etiquette

People just love their cars and motorized toys! Especially those of us living in the northwest, where our love of the outdoors often means families have different vehicles for different uses. Sometimes a household will have more cars/motorized vehicles than people living in the home, which can lead to parking challenges.

If you live in a multi-family community, parking spaces are usually pretty well defined. Please make your best attempt to park straight in your parking space and center your car within the space leaving room for people to get to their cars on either side. Overhanging the stripes will crowd the driver who parks next to you and will inevitably lead to door dings in the paint. If your parking spot has been inadvertently taken, please don’t just take someone elses. Find a general parking spot and then leave a pleasant note on the offending car windshield, so they understand not to park there again. Parking violation fees will be charged by your HOA if your vehicle is parked in the wrong place or blocking other residents. If you have more cars than assigned parking spaces, there are usually general parking areas provided for your use. When parking in these areas please be mindful to take as little room as possible, and if you are parallel parking leave enough space in the front and back of you so that people don’t have to play bumper cars to maneuver their car out of the parking space. In most communities, if a car is left parked in the same public parking spot for 72 hours, it will be considered a violation and could be towed. That includes on public streets as well.

If you live in a single family residential subdivision and can’t fit all your vehicles into your garage, please park in front of your own house. Not in front of your neighbors! Also, if you have a vehicle that you don’t often drive, use your garage to park that vehicle, and park the car you drive daily on the street or in your driveway. HOA management companies are looking for vehicles that appear to be stored in public areas and will issue fines for this violation.

If you live in an old neighborhood with limited parking availability neighbor parking wars are easily ignited. When possible, use parking spaces in front of your own home, but sometimes a neighbor arriving home from work earlier than you may have already nabbed that spot. If you have ally access with a parking place behind your home, always use that space before resorting to street frontage. Just remember to be courteous to your neighbors. Horror stories come out of high density cities. “Curb trespassers” have reported having their cars boxed in, or worse - frozen in place with packed snow hosed down to create an ice block. Unscrewed windshield wipers, which fly off at speed on the Interstate in a sudden downpour. Some offenders have found their cars egged or covered with post-it notes, even acid poured on the car roof! The list goes on! Fortunately, for now the greater Boise communities are less crowded and a little more laid back – let’s all help to keep it neighborly.

Keep reading for great activity ideas and special offers……


There was such great feedback on this business, we’re re-featuring it again for this month. Schedule your free initial visit now before time runs out!

Treasure Valley Rossiter
(Demonstration Session free!)

There are few people who don’t suffer from some aches or pain. We live lifestyles that put stress on our bodies. Whether it’s from lack of varied mobility, like sitting at a desk all day, repeating small intense motions causing us to strain specific muscle groups by maintaining unnatural positions for hours while we type, manipulate a mouse device, read digital screens, text, etc. Or we might be suffering from a sports injury caused by an over eager desire to perform an action our muscles have not been properly prepared for. Whatever the reason, none of us escapes physical stress. The good news is there are several different modalities we can explore to remediate our aches and pains. One little known, and extremely effective technique is Rossiter therapy. The Rossiter system is a method targeting relief and prevention of structural pain through a series of assisted stretches. This effective and safe method provides fast pain relief, and not only alleviates pain but can prevent it’s occurrence.

Ellen Brisson-Capp is currently the only qualified Rossiter practicioner in the Treasure Valley. Not for long however, because Ellen will shortly be receiving her training credentials, and she is excited to teach other health and wellness professionals the unique techniques of the Rossiter system. Ellen has always been drawn to health and fitness. Her athletic journey began in high school as a participant of two swim teams. Swimming lead to functional fitness and crossfit and from there Ellen pursued her 200 hour yoga teacher certification. Ellen always knew her life’s path would lead her to help people in some way. What she didn’t know was that it would be a personal tragedy in the family that would introduce her to Rossiter, which has since become her passion.

Ellen is making it extremely affordable for you to experience how she can help alleviate your structural pain. She is offering our tenants a VIT special of $15 for your first appointment.

Learn more about Ellen and her Rossiter practice here:

Treasure Valley Rossiter has just moved to a new location. She will be seeing clients now at 2419 W State St. Boise, Idaho 83702. All other contact information remains the same.

Access your VIT coupon on our Tenant Resources Page.

What Business Would You Like To See Offer a VIT Discount?

Post a short note on our Facebook page about the VIT services you have enjoyed, and those that you would like us to arrange for you in the future. (while you are there, LIKE us too!), and we’ll send the first person in October to post a review a $25 coupon for Angell’s Bar and Grill. ($25 towards a minimum food purchase of $50)

The second person to post a review will receive three discount coupons for Smashburger!

Check in the Tenant Resources Page to redeem VIT coupons. There are some with no expiration date – well worth checking out!

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