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November Newsletter

Tenant Rental Policies

When I speak with a prospective client, they often ask me what our process is for background checks on tenant applicants. RMA has very clear rental criteria that all applicants must meet. It is posted on our website for everyone to read. We aren’t one of those property management companies who pad revenues with tenant application fees. If a tenant will be unable to meet our standards, we want them to know before they spend money on a background check. These people are the very last people to be able to afford to waste money, and we wont be the company who takes advantage of their plight.

There are three main areas of investigation that we undergo in vetting a prospective tenant.

  1. Income
  2. Rental History
  3. Credit History

Each of these categories have their own set of guidelines and policies and these are clearly stated on our website.

Where There is Trapped Moisture, There is Most Likely Mold!

Guest Contributor – Mike Anglesey| Mold Pro
208-589-5774 |

Mold is one of the newest environmental hazards causing concern among renters. Even in the dry high desert climate of the Treasure Valley mold will thrive when conditions promoting moisture are allowed to exist. Across the country, tenants have won multimillion-dollar cases against landlords for significant health problems -- such as rashes, chronic fatigue, nausea, cognitive losses, hemorrhaging, and asthma -- allegedly caused by exposure to "toxic molds" in their building.

Where Mold Is Found

Mold comes in various colors and shapes. Some are black, white, green, or gray. Some are powdery, others shiny.

Some molds look and smell disgusting; others are barely seen -- hidden between walls, under floors and ceilings, or in less accessible spots, such as basements, crawlspaces and attics.

Mold often grows on water-soaked materials, such as wall paneling, paint, fabric, ceiling tiles, newspapers, or cardboard boxes. Humidity sets up prime growing conditions for mold. Regardless of the climate, mold can grow as long as moisture is present.

Mold And Health

Mold is also among the most controversial of environmental hazards. There is considerable debate within the scientific and medical communities about which molds, and what situations, pose serious health risks to people in their homes. Some spore types are more toxic than others. Keep in mind, however, that most molds can cause allergenic-like symptoms in those with a sensitivity to particular spore types. It takes an expert to know whether a particular mold is harmful or just annoying.
RMA Side Note: As a part of the standard tenant RMA rental agreement there is a Mold Addendum clearly stating the resident responsibility to minimize the occurrence and growth of mold in the Rented Premises, and the Resident(s) agreement to abide by a provided list of suggested actions that will help to prevent the growth of mold. The tenant(s) are also directed to immediately notify Management should certain conditions occur so that RMA can arrange for remediation of conditions conducive to mold growth or any existing mold.

Maintenance Updates

Jacob, our lawn and sprinkler maintenance guy has been busy winterizing your sprinkler systems. All properties in Caldwell, Star, Nampa, and Kuna have been completed. Most of Meridian has been taken care of as well. The balance of Meridian and Boise are expected to be completed by the first week of November.

Tenant News

It’s nice to know our tenants have report positive interactions with our staff when renting through our company. But we want to make their experience even better! This last spring and summer the Boise Valley experienced a shortage of rental housing, making it a landlord’s market. We saw rental prices increase and vacancy rates drop to near record lows. However, we all know the housing market is cyclical. When developers see demand, they all rush in to supply it. This can sometimes lead to overdevelopment, which can create a housing surplus for a while until things balance back out. Additionally, economic conditions can shift causing a shortage of qualified tenants. I don’t mean to be doom and gloom here, nor am I suggesting there is a change coming. All indications are for a strong 2017. However, it is always good to be positioned well for when the market does shift. At RMA we are taking steps to position ourselves as the preferred property management company to rent from. So that if we find ourselves in a market where there is more housing than tenants, tenants will want to rent from us before renting from one of our competitors.

These are some of the programs we are initiating and continuing to build on:

  • Tenant appreciation program
  • Employer Human Resources partnerships
  • Relocation resource partnerships
  • Realtor communications network

What Are You Interested In?

This newsletter is intended as a resource and communication platform for you. If there is a topic, relevant to the management of your investment property, that you would like me to write on, please let me know!

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