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May Newsletter

Communication – Vital to Good Relationships!

Don’t you just hate it when something comes up and you want to speak with someone right away to just get the issue taken care of and put behind you, and you can’t get anyone on the phone? It’s annoying isn’t it? In this world of instant gratification one of the most stressful things to endure is waiting to hear back from someone. We understand your pain!

We live in such a fast paced world these days, and the faster and more efficient our electronic support systems become, the greater our expectations are of the speed at which things should be attended to. This is putting tremendous stress on our psyches and leading to physical and mental health imbalance, which in turn, it could be argued, is a contributing factor to the general breakdown of our society. But enough of my philosophical musings, and back to the reason for this topic.

I would like to take this opportunity to assure you, that without question, YOU, our clients, are extremely important to us. We value your business and strive to provide timely, quality service. We wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t have you, so you can rest assured, responding to your requests and questions take highest priority!

Sometimes when reaching out to our office for information, the first step is knowing who to contact. At RMA we work as a team, each responsible for different aspects in the management of your investment property. Anticipating the types of questions or requests that you might have, I have prepared a list of “frequently asked questions” and noted who you should reach out to for answers or action on these occasions.

  • What results am I getting from my advertising? Claire will email you weekly activity updates. Look for those each Tuesday late afternoon/evening.
  • I have a tenant application in process and was wondering about the status: Brandy is our property marketing and tenant leasing agent. She will have the most up-to-date information on a property in the process of being rented.
  • I received a violation notice from my HOA. Who do I forward this to? Upon taking on management of your property we notify your HOA to send RMA violation notices to us. Unfortunately, sometimes our request doesn’t get processed by the HOA Co. Please forward any violation notices or tenant concerns to our property manager, Spencer Henderson. Please also request your HOA to send notices to us in the future so that concerns may be processed sooner.
  • I am still receiving billings from Boise Utility Billing. I thought RMA was going to take care of this? RMA does send a change of billing address request to Boise Utility Billing upon taking on management of your rental. However, the city of Boise can be slow to process these requests, and if you have previously selected "paperless" for your billing, this request will need to be reversed by you, otherwise, although the billing address may be changed in their records, they will not send a paper statement to us. If you do receive any billings after we have taken over management of your property, please forward to Pam and request her to pay on your behalf. We will follow-up with the City of Boise to remind them to change over the billing address.
  • I want to arrange for a maintenance service with my own vendor. How do I schedule this with my tenant? Please send an email to Spencer Henderson. He will need the name and email and phone information for your vendor. He will advise the tenant via email of the requested service, and also provide your vendor with the name and address of the tenant so that they can communicate directly to schedule the service. All 3rd party vendor work arranged by the owner must be paid for directly by the owner. If the owner would like the charge to appear in the year end records we provide for tax purposes, the owner may send a copy of the billing to Karen, and she will reimburse the owner for the expense, thereby recording the expense in the property records.
  • I would like RMA to arrange for some maintenance on my rental. Who do I contact to arrange this? Contact our property manager, Spencer.
  • I signed up for some preventative maintenance services at the beginning of the year. I’d like to check on the status. Who do I call? First, check the Maintenance Updates in your monthly Owner Newsletter. If you don’t find your answer there, contact Spencer, our property manager.
  • I can’t seem to access my online account. Who do I call? Karen in our accounting department can assist you with this.
  • I have a question about my statement. Karen can review any concerns you have with your statement.
  • I am questioning a charge to my account that stems from a tenant requested maintenance call. Pam handles tenant requested maintenance orders, she will be able to research and resolve your question.

Often the best way to reach us is by email. If the nature of your communication is better suited to a phone call, emailing a request for us to call you at a specific time can avoid a lot of exchanged phone messages. The best time to reach Spencer is in the mornings between 9-11am before he heads out into the field. Our office hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday.

To view contact details for each employee, please visit our website.

Maintenance Updates

Pre-Scheduled Optional Services Schedule:

In April our vendors were finishing up:

  • Roof Inspections
  • Spring Clean Up
  • Lawn Care
  • Sprinkler Turn-on

HVAC service will be completed in May. We were held up due to weather. In order to test air conditioning units, temperatures must be at least 65F.

If we received vendor billing for your service prior to closing our books on the 25th, you will have seen the charge in your April Statement. Any billings received after April 25th will appear in your May statement.

Scheduled for MAY
HVAC Service

Summer services will include: Dryer Vent cleaning, Power Washing, Crawl Space and Attic inspections.
Fall services will include: Gutter cleaning, fall landscape clean-up, fall lawn care, hot water heater service.

If you wish to elect to have one of more of these services for your property, and have not already submitted the Optional Services Survey form, please contact Spencer Henderson:

Accounting Updates

Pre-elected optional maintenance items for Roof Inspections, Sprinkler Turn-on, Lawn Care and Spring Yard Clean Up will be appearing in the April and May statements.

If you ever have questions about your statement, please contact

Tenant News

Our May Tenant Newsletter reviews changes to recycling. Due to China’s decision not to accept further recycling from the USA, most of our Treasure Valley cities’ plastic recycling is greatly restricted. However, Boise has introduced a new plastics recycling program that will actually recycle more plastic than we have been able to in the past.

Our business feature is on a Paddles Up Poké. A locally owned restaurant celebrating their first year in business and the opening of a new branch restaurant in Meridian. This popular lunch and dinner spot specializes in raw food, inspired by the classic Hawaiian dish, Poké.

We Invite You to Get To Know Us Better

We would like you to get to know the people at RMA who take care of your rental properties and tenants. So starting with the June newsletter, each month I will feature one member of our staff. A look “behind the job title”, will give you an opportunity to get to know us better.

This newsletter is intended as a resource and communication platform for you. If there is a topic, relevant to the management of your investment property, that you would like me to write on, please let me know!

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