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Do you like Kona Grill? Would you like a free appetizer? Keep reading…….


Our rainy, sunny, cloudy, cold, windy, rainy, sunny, hot – repeat ….. weather is providing ideal growing conditions for grass and weeds. Yes – weeds already!

Time to get the lawn mower out. If you haven’t already mowed the lawn, chances are you are past due.

The winter that would never quit has finally moved on to a turbulent spring providing us with a variety of weather conditions, most of which are conducive to plant growth.

From this point on, you will be reading my reminders for yard upkeep in every newsletter until the snow returns. Those of you lucky people who either have yard service provided, or live in a community with communal outdoor space that is taken care of by an HOA get to skip these reminders – but to the rest of you, save on your gym memberships and instead flex your muscles while doing the yard work!

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Kona Grill has its roots in Phoenix Arizona where the first restaurant was opened in 1998. Now with over 43 restaurants in 23 states, Kona Grill is one of the fastest expanding restaurant chains in the US.

Certainly the Kona Grill at The Village at Meridian has been a huge success. From the moment they opened their doors they have attracted clientele to their upscale contemporary ambiance for an affordable dining experience. Kona Grill features a diverse selection of modern American appetizers and entrees and an extensive selection of award-wining sushi. Menu items are prepared from scratch and incorporate over 40 signature sauces and dressings. The full service bar presents a broad assortment of wines, specialty cocktails and beers. Wednesday is Wine Down Wednesday, featuring half off bottles of wine – all bottles, all day! The indoor/outdoor patio area overlooking all the action at the Village central courtyard is a pleasant place to wind down after a day of work, while watching the synchronized water fountains, shoppers strolling, and families having fun.

Brad Harmon, Kona Grill’s General Manager, invites you to enjoy a complimentary appetizer with your entrée next time to dine with them. Print your invitation from our Tenant Resource page.
3573 E Longwing Lane, The Village at Meridian.

Who Enjoyed a Brie Kiss Last Month?

If you haven’t claimed your complementary Brie Kiss appetizer at your local Smoky Mountian Pizzeria Grill you still can. Print out your coupon from the Tenant Resources page and treat yourself! If you did enjoy this tasty treat from Smokies, we’d like to know what you thought of it. Please email me at and tell me all about your outing at Smokies. Respondents will be put into a drawing to receive a coffee gift card from a coffee shop of their choice!

What To Do About Town?

Sponsored by Tia Crabtree – Front Street Brokers – 208-484-8215 –

Greenbelt magazine offers great feature articles on local businesses, news, views, a dining guide and information on upcoming entertainment. May’s line up includes great music, great theater, dance and film. Check out their calendar

First Annual Yard Competition!

There is still time to enter this competition. Don’t miss out on great prizes!

Who Loves a Beautiful Yard? Doesn’t everybody? A well-kept healthy yard makes for a more pleasant living environment and a beautiful welcome to come home to after a long day’s work.

You don’t need a green thumb to keep a tidy, healthy yard. But everyone can use a little incentive to mow the lawn, pull some weeds, baby the dry spots in the hot summer months, and keep the shrubs pruned and healthy – don’t you think?

So how would you like to win TWO TICKETS TO A BSU FOOTBAL GAME?

Here’s how:

There are 3 categories to this competition:

  • Best Overall Maintained Yard
  • Most Improved Yard
  • Best Lawn

How to get started:

  1. Take photos of the yard as it looks now. (Quick! Before the winter woes have greened away). Get full shots and get detailed pics! If there are bare patches in the lawn, weeds in the planter beds or small shrubs growing out of control, document all of it with photographs.
  2. Send us the photos and tell us what your intentions are as far as the steps you plan to take to maintain or improve your outdoor space. (be sure to include your address)
  3. When we receive your information, we will enter your property into the competition.
  4. In July, when summer yards are at their peak, take more photos and send to us, (with notes if you want to draw our attention to improvements), so that we have documented evidence of how beautiful your yard looks in mid summer.
  5. Then a final round of photos at the end of September.

As we make our usual drive by rounds we will also be making notes on our observations of the condition of the yards.

In early October, when we have received all final photographs, our panel of judges, (our staff), will select a winner for each of the three categories.

Along with 2 tickets for a BSU game in October or November the winners will receive an assortment of other goodies, like restaurant gift certificates, coffee cards, BSU swag etc.

So what are you waiting for? Run outside - start taking pictures, and start planning your yard improvement program. Email your entry with photographs to:

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