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We had three lucky winners last month! Niki Parkin received a coupon for a free cup of Dutch Bros. Hillary Carmen won a $5 Smash Burger coupon, and Rocky & Cheryl Detwiler were the lucky winners of a $20 discount at The Cottonwood Grille!

So what do we have for you to win this month? More great stuff, but first…………

Important Reminders

Although we keep experiencing small snow flurries, the winter’s hard packed snow has finally melted from our yards. Along with grass beginning to green with the warmer days, other less sightly items may be revealed that have been hidden from view during our long snow covered winter.

Our property managers are out and about driving by homes on the lookout for:

  • Dog feces
  • Soggy trash that may have blown into your yard
  • Personal items that should be stored out of sight (bikes, kids toys, garden tools, etc.)
  • Piled up rotting leaves.
  • Broken window blinds or cracked window panes
  • Abandoned vehicles, or vehicles with expired license plates

Who’s Taking Pictures of Your Home?

If you’ve noticed someone slowly drive by your home, perhaps park in front of the house and snap a few photos, chances are it’s not some creepy stalker, its one of our property managers! As a part of our agreement with the owner of your rental, we drive by the properties we manage on a seasonal basis to look for any exterior maintenance concerns. The list above, in the reminders section of this newsletter, lets you know what we are looking for at this time of year. Later in the year we will be concerned about unkempt lawns allowed to grow to long, or taken over by weeds. Dry spots indicating an irrigation malfunction are something we need to know about, newspapers stacked up in front of the door are a concern, and several other signs that might alert us to the fact that the house has been abandoned or is not being taken care of in the way that our tenant lease requires. The owners of the properties like to see photographic documentation that we are doing our job and see for themselves that their tenants are taking pride in the home they are living in.

So, if you see our property manager out and about, give him a friendly wave. However, on no account invite someone claiming to be your property manager into your house unless they have made prior arrangements with you. Although we’ve never heard of some creep impersonating a property manager, it’s wise to be cautious. Our office will always schedule with you if we need to gain access inside the house or go into your back yard.

The Shocking Scoop On Dog Poop

There probably isn’t a dog owner out there who hasn’t neglected to pick up their dog’s poop at some time or another. Whether it be in their own private yard, on a city sidewalk, or a hillside trail.

The following information may give you cause to think twice before leaving behind evidence of your pups poop. It’s not just about the unpleasant look and smell, there are much greater concerns at stake here:

Did you know our natural ecosystem can handle only 2 dogs per square mile? In urban areas, there are 125 dogs per square mile!

Why is that important? Because dog poop is the 3rd largest cause of water pollution!

Here’s a short ecosystem lesson to explain why scooping poop is paramount:

  • When the pooch’s poop starts to decompose, toxic bacteria seeps into the soil.
  • Poop carries dangerous pathogens! Just 1 gram of dog feces contains 23 million fecal bacteria.
  • Rain, snow, irrigation and humidity assist the disease, bacteria, and pathogens found in dog poop to leach into the soil, making its way into lakes, rivers and streams.
  • City water treatment systems are not designed to filter dog waste, so these diseases and viruses make their way into your drinking water.
  • According to the EPA, dog poop is as toxic to the environment as chemical and oil spills!

So next time you take your dog for a walk, or put him out in the yard to relieve himself, don’t forget your baggie, and dispose of your pet’s poop in an appropriate trash container.

Keep reading for great activity ideas and special offers……


Boise’s Flower & Garden Show
A perfect kick off to Spring March 24 – 26.

Are you dreaming of warm days, light evenings, and sitting out on the patio or deck enjoying a cold one at the end of the work day? The Boise flower and Garden Show will give you a preview of the summer months to come by offering garden art and décor, yard/deck furniture, and plants for sale. Get inspired by spectatcular display gardens; educational and fun gardening seminars; beautiful, professionally judged flower creations; orchid and bonsai displays; and for the patio home or apartment dweller, a silent auction of beautiful and unique container gardens and much, much more!

What To Do About Town?

Sponsored by Tia Crabtree – Front Street Brokers – 208-484-8215 –

Greenbelt magazine offers great feature articles on local businesses, news, views, a dining guide and information on upcoming entertainment. March’s line up includes great music, great theater, dance and film. Check out their calendar for full information, events being added daily.

Two Chef owned Restaurants FLIP in One Space!

If you’ve driven by Berryhill in the morning recently, you may have noticed the sign has changed to BACON. Don’t worry, Berryhill is still there, but the ingenious owner, John Berryhill not only is a talented chef, but it appears he is also talented at marketing. Chef John Berryhill flips his restaurant at 3pm each day. Everything flips! Not just the menu, but the sign as well. From 7am to 3pm seven days a week the delightful patio and restaurant tucked between tall buildings at 121 N. Ninth Street, downtown Boise will sport the BACON logo offering a lil’ bit southern breakfast and lunch, with coffee, full bar, and the awesome Bacon Bloody Mary! Tuesdays through Saturdays at 3pm sharp, BACON becomes Berryhill Restaurant and Bar serving slightly southern dining. Enjoy the beautiful patio with outdoor lounge, or dine inside on historic family wood tables. A full bar includes a leather lounge and fireplace and the wine list boasts 28 wines by the glass. So whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch or a special dinner, BACON/Berryhill is a great place to go to satisfy your appetite for Slightly Southern cooking.

121 N. 9th Street, Boise.

Want to win a $25 gift certificate to BACON/Berryhill?
Before we feed you, please give us some feedback!

  • Have you had a noteworthy experience with our staff?
  • How smoothly did your application process go?
  • Did you recently have the 4-month walk-through survey? Were you happy with the how it was conducted?
  • Have you found our service to be prompt and courteous?
  • Maybe there is something else you would like to tell us about?

Enter your name for a drawing for the BACON/Berryhill gift card by sending a quick email with your comments to All entries will also be entered into a grand drawing to be held later in the year.

Get ready for our first annual yard competition! All details in the April newsletter. Great prizes to be won!

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