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June Newsletter

Eviction – What’s Involved?

RMA enforces a stringent application process for tenants, which is designed to avoid, as much as possible, the necessity for an eviction. However, life happens. No amount of reference checking, credit score checking, and criminal background research can avoid an unexpected illness or injury, lost job, divorce or other life-changing event that can place a tenant in financial distress. On occasion, evictions are an unwelcome necessity.

Evictions can be costly. There is a series of steps that need to be taken to follow legal protocol. Filing of eviction documentation, securing a court date, court appearance, court fees, Sherriff’s as well as legal fees that will have to be paid. The filing fee alone is roughly $450. These fees will be charged to the tenant, but the owner would have to provide an advance to get the ball rolling, and dependent upon the financial status of the tenant may not be collectable. Often we are able to resolve disputes before they have to go to court. However, if court is required there are legal fees to appear, and a cost to have the Sherriff’s office deliver notice of judgment and to vacate. These expenses can result in another $500+. If the tenant still refuses to vacate the property the Sherriff’s office will forcibly remove the tenant and their items. This step requires a bond of $2,000, of which some may be released back to you after the Sherriff’s office has liquidated anything of value, and deducted their costs. If a potential eviction would be a financial hardship for you, you may want to consider RMA’s Eviction Protection Service. For just $90 per year, you can sleep easy knowing that RMA will pick up the first $875 in costs of an eviction. That’s a pretty sweet deal. The protection service fee is paid annually, billed on July first and prorated to July first from the date of subscription.

If you’d like to know more about the eviction protection service, and/or sign up for the service, please contact Karen Hill

Maintenance Updates

  • Sprinklers are all on! Some billings occurred in May, the balance will be billed in June.
  • Water heater inspections will be finished up in June.
  • HVAC service, roof and siding inspections, and power washing will all be scheduled over the next couple of months.

Accounting Updates

For those of you who subscribe to our Eviction Protection plan your annual billing will appear in your July statement and charges will be deducted from your earnings. (Some of our long-term clients are on a monthly billing cycle, you will be billed as usual.)

Tenant News/Owner Information

As with any business, well adhered to systems and good communication are vital to smooth and efficient operations. Some of our owners like to communicate directly with their tenants. And for those of you who do, we respectfully request that you direct your tenant to place any maintenance, repair or special requests through our office using the protocol they were informed of at the time they signed their lease. Adding an extra step to a system that is not designed to accommodate it can cause miscommunications potentially resulting in dissatisfied tenants and owners. In the winter, when we were handling urgent situations caused by the extreme weather, and this spring as tenants start to venture into their yards, we have encountered a couple of incidences where our systems were bypassed. Although these actions may have seemed prudent to the owner or tenant, they resulted in extra time for our staff to back track, resolve missed communications, and reconstruct events to clear up misunderstandings. Time is a finite resource that we do our best to optimize. And if Murphy has anything to do with events, we can be assured that issues do not occur one at a time! Therefore sound systems become even more vital. We appreciate your understanding of our efforts to provide you and our tenants the best possible service. If you have encountered any frustrations in how maintenance work has been handled for your property, please communicate this to us. We want to hear from you! We are always open to ways we can improve the way we conduct our business.

Tenant and Owner maintenance requests should be directed to:
Pam Traenkner 208-514-4865. Email is suggested as the preferred, and most efficient form of communication.

What Are You Interested In?

This newsletter is intended as a resource and communication platform for you. If there is a topic, relevant to the management of your investment property, that you would like me to write on, please let me know!

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