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Does Your HOA Know Whom to Contact?

By June, summer landscaping is in full swing. We’ve had a warm and wet spring and the weeds are flourishing! Your HOA field patrol will be making the rounds checking for those pesky weeds, overwatered or dry lawns and overhanging tree branches. Children’s toys tossed hither and thither littering the sidewalk and the unfinished weekend mechanic’s project left on jacks in front of the house! As your property manager, we want to address these issues for you but all too often your HOA company sends notices to you instead of us, or worse yet, to your tenants who just toss the violation warnings into the trash. Please take a moment to contact your HOA management firm to remind them that RMA should receive copies of all violation notices so that we can quickly and efficiently resolve a concern before it becomes a neighborhood eyesaw.

If you are not happy with your HOA management company, we can recommend great people who will work hard on your behalf to keep your neighborhood looking beautiful, functional, safe, and on budget. Give us a call or email us so that we can connect you to professionals who can do the job right!

Summers are getting hotter and hotter!

Whether you believe in climate change or not, the fact is that Boise’s summer temperatures have been steadily on the rise over the past several years. Pretty soon your tenants are going to be cranking up the A/C in an attempt to keep their living space cool. Now would be a great time to get your Heating and air conditioning system serviced. Send us an email: to arrange for an HVAC professional to service your system before the heat of the summer stresses the system and causes a failure.

What You Feed, Grows!

June is the month when roses burst into bloom. All your perennial plants will thrive with professional care and sustenance. Keeping your landscaping in good condition will add thousands, possibly tens of thousands to the value of your property. Regular feeding and maintenance of lawns and perennials is a simple and smart way to build equity in your investment. Take advantage of our summer health check with feeding and weeding for your lawns and perennial shrubs. Contact us today so we can get you on the schedule:

Evaluating Your Investment Portfolio?

Realty Management Associates, over many years in the investment rental business, has developed trusted professional alliances with realtors, title companies, lenders, and service professionals to the real estate industry. If you are thinking about adding to your rental portfolio or just moving some of your assets around, let us know. We can connect you with Boise’s best. Let us know how we can help:

We are Mobile Ready!

Did you know our website is now mobile ready? What does this mean for you? It means we are easier to find by tenants looking for properties to rent. Millennials account for the majority share of tenant demographics. This savvy group of on-the-go young professionals use their phones more than their computers when searching for services and resources. Our mobile ready website is easy to use, allowing tenants to find your property, schedule an appointment to view, and submit an application to rent - all online from a smartphone or other mobile device.

Fun Facts:

Six Reasons Why We Want to Earn Your Referrals

  1. People are 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend. (Nielsen)
  2. 65% of new business comes from referrals. (New York Times)
  3. Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions. (McKinsey)
  4. 92% of people trust recommendations from family and friends more than all other forms of marketing (Nielsen)
  5. 84% of consumers trust the recommendations of others over other forms of marketing. (Nielsen)
  6. 83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer products and services. But only 29% actually do.

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