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July Newsletter

Advertise with a Virtual Tour!

RMA has posted its first Virtual Tour advertisement. We believe this advertising tool will help your rental stand out in a crowd and facilitate a quick rental. Check an example of the type of property tour you can expect for your home HERE.

(Click the arrow to enter a room, then click/hold and move your mouse to rotate 360 to view the entire room. You can move up and down too, to view floor finishes or vaulted ceilings and staircases. Select another arrow to enter a new room). Price starts at $195 with 10 panoramic shots. Your Virtual Tour can be reused for many years each time we market your property.

July 4th Holiday Hours

RMA will be closed on July 4th in observance of the Independence Day holiday. The prior 2 days of the week and the latter 2 days of the week will be partially staffed so as to allow all staff members to have consecutive days off.

The All In One Loan – Could Offer Investment Opportunities

I recently attended a business meeting geared to residential income real estate investors where Justin Westover of CMG Mortgage talked about the All In One loan. The concept intrigued me. I saw this banking structure as an opportunity for investors to have instant access to funds, so they can act quickly and have the negotiating leverage to snap up a good deal with cash at the ready for a large down payment or 100% cash purchase. I’m always on the lookout for tools that help our investors buy more rentals, so I wanted to pass the information along to you. This banking product is not geared to the “see it, spend it” personality. It requires dicipline to fully benefit from the opportunity it presents. It can’t be classified as a “one size fits all” type of loan either. Justin explains it this way. “This loan is typically a great fit for those who have strong cash flow, whether that be from salary + bonus, or commission sales, as well as for business owners. This loan is especially beneficial for borrowers that keep good sums of funds in liquid reserves for down months or on-hand for real estate/investment opportunities as they arise.” I asked Justin to write up a quick synopsis of the loan. If, after reading his outline you have more questions, please give Justin a call. He’ll be glad to explain further, and explore whether this loan could be a good fit for you.

Benefits of the All In One (AIO):

  • The bank account tied to the All In One’s revolving line of credit home loan allows borrower’s to leverage any funds deposited into that account to pay down the balance WITHOUT losing access to the funds.  Unlike a traditional home loan where those funds are gone until you sell or refi, you can use income and existing liquid funds to pay down/ pay off your loan while retaining 100% access to those funds.
  • Principal is paid first, and interest second [AFTER you’ve lowered your balance].  This results in less interest paid and your home balance being paid off faster.
  • Borrowers with strong cash flow can see their home loan balance paid off in anywhere from 15-25+ years FASTER than a traditional amortized loan with front end loaded interest.
  • Much like a traditional HELOC in 2nd position this loan allows access to home equity to use as needed.
  • The AIO allows borrowers who own their home free and clear to have access to funds 24/7/365 all while not paying any interest until they use money from the account.  Let’s be real, banks only like to lend when we have no need for money.  This account allows borrowers to have a 30 year closed end mortgage with a line of credit to use their funds as needed.

Justin Westover NMLS 1630872
CMG Mortgage, Inc.

Maintenance Updates

Pre-Scheduled Optional Services Schedule:

In June our vendors were finishing up:
Exterior Power Washing

Scheduled for July/August
Dryer Vent cleaning
Crawl Space and Attic inspections.

Fall services will include: Gutter cleaning, fall landcape clean-up, fall lawn care, hot water heater service.

If you wish to elect to have one of more of these servcies for your property, and have not already submitted the Optional Services Survey form, please contact Spencer Henderson:

Accounting Updates

Those of you who subscribe to the Eviction Protection Plan will see your annual billing in your July statement. Charges will be deducted from your earnings. (Some of our long-term clients are on a monthly billing cycle, you will be billed as usual.)

Vendor billings for pre-elected optional maintenance items received prior to closing our books on the 25th, will be billed in July’s statement. Any billings received after the 25th of the month will appear in your August statement.

If you ever have questions about your statement, please contact

Tenant News

Our July Tenant Newsletter discusses how to avoid violation notices and fines. We explain the types of violations we might find when conducting a drive-by and how that violation is addressed.

Our business feature is on White Dog Brewing Company. White Dog Brewing opened their first location in Bozeman, Montana three years ago. Success enabled them to expand to Boise in the iconic location of the former Table Rock Brewery. White Dog is offering our tenants a Buy 1 Get 1 Pint Free through the end of August.

Employee Spotlight – Coming Next Month, Brandy Ker

I have to admit, buried in the height of the season, I completely forgot to prepare an employee spotlight for this month. We’ve just finished month-end bookkeeping and everyone’s desk is piled high with things to catch up on, so the last thing they are in the mood for is to be interviewed! I’ll be more prepared next month, I promise. Thanks for your understanding.

This newsletter is intended as a resource and communication platform for you. If there is a topic, relevant to the management of your investment property, that you would like me to write on, please let me know!

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