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Are you a Food Truck Fan? Read on to find out about a special VIT (Very Important Tenant) discount for Smoke and Thyme …….


Our property managers have been busy with drive bys and sad to say they are finding about one in four homes require a violation notice. Most of the violations are for weeds, un-mowed lawns or dry lawns. A few are for trash cans left out on the street or personal belongings stored in areas visible to others.

If your lawn is drying up, it is most likely a sprinkler issue. You can change the control clock to increase or decrease water usage as necessary for the current temperatures, but if it is apparent that water is just not getting to a part of your lawn CONTACT US! That is one of the many reasons we are here - to make sure equipment is functioning properly so that properties are being well maintained. All sprinkler malfunctions should be addressed to cc: In the SUBJECT line state: SPRINKLER MALFUNCTION. We really appreciate your help in keeping us apprised of all maintenance concerns.

  • So a friendly reminder to keep up on the weeds and keep the lawn mowed & watered☺
  • PLEASE don’t leave your pets outside in this heat without adequate shade and water. (same applies for kids!)

Violation Notices Explained

If you receive a violation notice, it will identify the violation(s) and the number of days in which you have to resolve the violation. Usually within 3 – 7 days. You will be requested to photograph the corrected violation and submit either by email: or by text: 208-996-3880. If you disregard the notice or do not respond with a photograph to show that you have resolved the violation you will be fined $25. If after a second notice you still disregard our request you will be fined $75. If a violation requires a third notice, you will be served a Breach of Lease notice.

Property Manager identified violations will be posted to your door as well as emailed to you when we have an email on file. HOA violation notices will be mailed to you as well as emailed.

Keep reading for great activity ideas and special offers……


Smoke & Thyme
(15% VIT Discount)

Food Truck food is no longer basic hot dogs and hamburgers. In the case of Smoke & Thyme’s selection of tasty treats it could be described as “fine cuisine”. Known for their expertly smoked delicacies, Smoke and Thyme structures their menu each day around local and seasonal foods to capitalize on the very freshest and tastiest available. That is why there is no set menu. Each day can offer a different selection. So if you just loved the crab stuffed Morrell mushrooms you enjoyed last week, don’t go back expecting to have it again. But don’t worry, you’ll find something else equally exquisite! And for those of you who just like simple smoked meat, you won’t be disappointed either.

Typical selections might include Pork Belly Tacos, Kobe Brisket, and a Quesadilla with smoked pork shoulder, Basque chorizo, grilled black beans and white cheddar – yum!

You can see the Smoke & Thyme’s 40-foot long, 8-foot wide truck parked alongside Capitol Boulevard across from the new Inn at 500. Aside from walkup service, Smoke and Thyme has a working relationship with Longdrop Cider, adjacent to the Smoke and Thyme truck, to deliver food to their customers. Opening soon next to Longdrop is White Dog Brewing Co. and a wine and spirits bar – The Gas Lantern Drinking Company. These new watering holes will also take advantage of providing their customers with Smoke & Thyme’s delectable dishes.

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