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Are you a Food Truck Fan? Read on to find out about a special VIT (Very Important Tenant) discount for Smoke and Thyme …….


Hopefully the worst heat of the summer is behind us. But the smoke has just arrived. Wild fires in just about every neighboring state to Idaho are balzing and we are suffering from the effects of their smoke. Which is an ideal segue to smoking….. Please remember, ALL our properties are no smoking properties. That applies not only to the residence itself, but also to any enclosed structure – garage, shed, and enclosed porch. Perhaps undetectable to the smoker themselves, the odor of cigarette smoke is extremely evident to non-smokers and it lingers long after the cigarette has been snuffed out. The smoke and tar contaminates central heating and cooling systems, clings to walls and embeds in carpeting and any soft furnishings and fittings. The financial consequences of remediating cigarette smoke in a home is high, and is the responsibility of the tenant. So if you or your visiting friends smoke, please be sure to only smoke outside in the open where the smoke can be carried away by the fresh air, and remember to dispose of the cigarette butts safely.

Some lucky tenants have lawn care and yard maintenance provided by the property owner or HOA. But for those of you who don’t, here are my usual friendly reminders:

  • Keep keeping-up on the weeds, mowing and watering. Only a couple more months left!☺
  • PLEASE remember to shelter your pets from the heat and provide them with plenty of water.
  • Deadhead dying flower heads, cut back spent perennials, trim small shrubs.
  • For those lucky tenants who live in a community that has a pool, and other amenities please be mindful of community rules and regulations and be respectful to your neighbors.

If you have any maintenance concerns for your yard or your home please CONTACT US! We want to be sure equipment is functioning properly so that properties are being well maintained. You aren’t doing us any favors by not alerting us to a problem. In fact you are causing us more problems by not bugging us, and potentially creating a financial liability for you! All maintenance concerns should be addressed to cc: In the SUBJECT line state: MAINTENANCE REQUEST. We really appreciate you helping us to help you keep your home in tip-top condition.

Pet Policy Explained

Who doesn’t love a cuddly kitten or playful puppy? Americans in general are animal lovers. Sixty-eight percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet, according to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). However, only a small percentage of landlords allow pets. These statistics indicate that being a pet owner can severely limit your choice in housing unless you own your own home.

If you are living in a “No Pet” property, please don’t assume that, just because you want to rescue a homeless kitten, the landlord will suddenly have an overwhelming outburst of empathy and revise your lease to allow for a pet. Sadly that is rarely the case.

Landlords have good reason to be wary of allowing pets. Even a pet of the most responsible pet owner can have accidents and cause damage. When I moved into my new home, my cat caused significant damage within a few short weeks. First she objected to being shut inside after being accustomed to the freedom to come and go from the house at will. (She was shut in for 10-days based on advice on acclimating a cat to a new home.) To communicate her wish to go outside, she tore up the weather seal on the front door! Not that big a deal – easily replaced and not too expensive. However, once she did earn her freedom she chased a butterfly into the house. It naturally flew to the window and settled on my brand new Hunter Douglas shades made of sheer fabric. One swipe at the butterfly caused a non-repairable tear – more than $1,000 to replace! Admittedly, most rental properties would not have such expensive blinds, but the point is – pets can cause damage – no matter how responsible a pet owner you think you are. The worst damage is animal pee. Especially cat pee. It’s impossible to remove the odor if it is undetected for more than a day or so. And once a cat has peed in a certain spot, they will normally return to pee there again and again. Pet deposits, despite the seemingly large amount, do not even come close to covering the cost of most pet mishaps. It must be remembered that landlords provide housing as a business.

They look at return on investment – it’s all about the bottom line. If they can’t make money on renting a property, they will reinvest that asset elsewhere. And some landlords have had such bad experiences with pet damage, no one, and nothing can convince them to offer pet-friendly housing.

A friendly reminder of our no-pet policy for those of you who reside in a no-pet property:

Finding a pet on a property, (even if you are just pet-sitting for a friend and it’s temporary), will result in a breach of lease and a $100 fine back to the beginning of the most current rental term. It could also result in a termination of tenancy with a 30-day notice to vacate.

Keep reading for great activity ideas and special offers……


My apologies, I don’t have a new featured business for this month, July is our busiest turnover month, and I just ran out of time. However, the Smoke and Thyme discount is valid through August 31. So if you haven’t already taken advantage of their offer, you still have several weeks left to do so!

Smoke & Thyme
(15% VIT Discount)

Food Truck food is no longer basic hot dogs and hamburgers. In the case of Smoke & Thyme’s selection of tasty treats it could be described as “fine cuisine”. Known for their expertly smoked delicacies, Smoke and Thyme structures their menu each day around local and seasonal foods to capitalize on the very freshest and tastiest available. That is why there is no set menu. Each day can offer a different selection. So if you just loved the crab stuffed Morrell mushrooms you enjoyed last week, don’t go back expecting to have it again. But don’t worry, you’ll find something else equally exquisite! And for those of you who just like simple smoked meat, you won’t be disappointed either.

Typical selections might include Pork Belly Tacos, Kobe Brisket, and a Quesadilla with smoked pork shoulder, Basque chorizo, grilled black beans and white cheddar – yum!

You can see the Smoke & Thyme’s 40-foot long, 8-foot wide truck parked alongside Capitol Boulevard across from the new Inn at 500. Aside from walkup service, Smoke and Thyme has a working relationship with Longdrop Cider, adjacent to the Smoke and Thyme truck, to deliver food to their customers. Opening soon next to Longdrop is White Dog Brewing Co. and a wine and spirits bar – The Gas Lantern Drinking Company. These new watering holes will also take advantage of providing their customers with Smoke & Thyme’s delectable dishes.

Who Tasted Smoke & Thyme’s Treats Last Month?

Tell us about your experience. Post a short note on our Facebook page about your experience with Smoke and Thyme and write us a FB Review, (while you are there, LIKE us too!), and we’ll send you a $20 coffee card.

If you haven’t taken advantage of Smoke and Thyme’s discount offer, there is still time. The coupon doesn’t expire until the end of August. Just check back to the Tenant Resources Page to redeem.

The first person in August to post a first time review to our Facebook, aside from a $20 coffee card, will also receive a coupon for $10 towards your meal at Big Jud’s, homestyle burgers. (expires 9/30) (

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