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Boise is hiring and building is back!

Several high level local corporations have recently announced the intention of either relocating out of state employees to Boise or scouting out of state to court professionals to Boise to fill executive positions they need to meet their growth demands.

Everywhere you look, dirt is being moved. The diggers are back! In fact they’ve been back for a few years now. It started with commercial construction. The “big hole” at 8th and Main got filled with an impressive multistory glass and steel building, now the tallest building in Boise. Jack’s Urban Market Place, “JUMP” has been steadily taking shape over the past 3 years filling the void between Front and Myrtle. Cranes still dominate the Boise skyline with the new City Center Plaza convention and meeting space underway, anticipated completion for early 2016. The Billboard sign at the corner of Fairview and Eagle depicting a rather age-worn artists impression of a long promised Village has become a reality delivering a wonderful modernized family friendly village green environment for Meridian surrounded by upscale national chain retail stores and a plethora of dining options. 2014 saw the return to residential development. Long vacant subdivisions both East and West of Boise are filling up with single family homes and tucked into vacant lots previously unnoticed along major arteries are now groupings of townhomes and fourplexes.

Short Term Rental Demand:

Boise and Meridian are a hive of building activity. All this activity is driving up a demand for short-term rentals. Families moving to town want time to find their dream home, but don’t want to be tied to a year-long lease. People buying new construction often have to wait 4 to 6 months before they can move into their new home. This type of real estate sales activity creates a demand for short term accommodations. To meet this demand Realty Management Associates is expanding our portfolio of short-term accommodations and your property might just be a perfect addition to our premier selection of month-to-month rental homes.

If your rental is in a mid to high-end neighborhood, well maintained and centrally located, it may command significantly higher rents for month-to-month flexibility.

  • Short-term rentals command higher rent.
  • Executive short-term tenants are light on your property. Often only unpacking the bare necessities.
  • Your property benefits from more frequent professional cleaning, keeping it in show-home condition.

If you would like to find out what kind of rent your home could generate catering to this specific short-term market, call Claire now for a complete evaluation.

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Fun Fact:

285 construction permits were filed with the City of Meridian this July with a total Valuation of $42,710,472.20

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